Disabled parking permits

If you are a person with a permanent or temporary disability, you may be eligible for a disabled parking permit. You can apply for a permit as a driver or passenger.

A permit entitles you, or the organisations that transport you, to use disability parking bays or to park for longer periods in standard bays.

Your permit should be displayed on the dashboard. You can use it to park throughout Victoria.

Types of permits

Based on your disability and need for assistance, you will be sent 1 of 2 permit types:

Category 1 (blue)

If you have a blue permit, you can park in a disability bay for the time specified or in a standard bay for twice the specified time. Individuals and organisations can apply for this type of permit.

Category 2 (green)

Users can park in a standard bay for twice the specified time.

Permits for individuals

When you apply for permit, you fill out a form that must be also completed and signed by your doctor. Permits will only be issued to residents living in Banyule.

Apply for a disabled parking permit(PDF, 60KB)

The decision to issue a permit, as well as the permit type, is based on your doctor’s assessment. Your doctor must complete a questionnaire regarding the applicant’s requirements.

Any unsuccessful applications will be reassessed if the applicant has sought a second opinion from another medical practitioner.

A driver or passenger may be eligible for a temporary permit if they have a significant ambulatory disability that is not permanent, but is not likely to improve within 6 months.

The permit must be displayed when the vehicle is being used to transport the individual to whom the permit was issued.

An individual is entitled to hold only 1 disability parking permit.

Permits for organisations

Organisations that regularly transport passengers with disabilities can apply for disabled parking permits. This includes nursing homes and disability support services.

To be eligible, your organisation must be recognised as providing a transport service for people with significant ambulatory or intellectual disabilities. You will need to supply your VicRoads vehicle registration certificate with your application.

Apply for an organisation disabled parking permit(PDF, 143KB)

Renew a parking permit

A renewal form will be sent to the permit holder before the expiry of their permit.

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