Asset protection inspection

You must apply for an Asset Protection Permit before commencing any building works.

If you are proposing demolition works, construction or extension of a dwelling or construction of a swimming pool, we will inspection the nearby Council assets.

Arranging an asset protection inspection

You may organise an inspection by filling in the Asset Inspection Request(PDF, 63KB).

The non-refundable fee for an asset protection inspection is $305.

We will inspect our assets abutting the site of the building works and report on their condition. Council assets include footpaths, nature strips, street trees, kerb and channel, drains, roads and right of ways.

We will also work out if the proposed building works may cause damage to any Council asset. If we find that it is likely, you will be required to lodge a security deposit with Council.

Requesting a final inspection

When all works are completed you are required to request a final inspection.

Our Asset Protection Officer will inspect our assets near the site to determine if they have been damaged by the work. If they find any damage, we will send you a quotation for us to fix any identified damage. Alternatively, you may engage a contractor to fix our assets.

Contact us

For more information contact our Building & Civil Works Unit on phone 9457 9852 or email