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Published on 02 October 2020

Postal voting in the 2020 local council elections

Ballot packs will be mailed to everyone on the voters' roll from 6 to 8 October. Make sure you follow the instructions on the ballot pack and return your completed vote before 6 pm on Friday 23 October for your vote to count.

If you do not receive your ballot pack by Friday 16 October 2020, call the VEC (Victorian Electoral Commission) on 8619 1403 during office hours to arrange a replacement.

How to vote correctly

You must complete your ballot paper correctly for your vote to count.

Put the number 1 in the box next to the candidate you most want to see elected, then number all the other boxes in order of your choice. You must number every box and only use each number once.

How to return your completed ballot paper

Follow the instructions on your ballot paper to complete your vote. To return your completed ballot paper, put it in the ballot paper envelope then use the reply-paid envelope provided or hand-deliver it during office hours to:

  • Banyule City Council Offices
    Level 2, 1 Flintoff Street

Voting is compulsory

Voting is compulsory for all voters who were on the State roll at 4 pm on Friday 28 August 2020.

You may be fined if you do not vote — this includes homeowners and tenants.

You are encouraged to vote, but you will not be fined if you don't vote, if either of these circumstances apply:

  • you live outside Banyule
  • you are enrolled directly with Council to be on the voters' roll for this election.

Your completed ballot pack must be in the mail or hand-delivered by 6pm Friday 23 October.

Local mail clearance times vary. Ballot packs must be mailed before final clearance times in the last week of voting. Don't risk a fine.

State-enrolled voters can register for free VEC VoterAlert reminders by SMS and email.

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