Public notice: Mayoral and Councillor allowances

Published on 09 February 2021

Notice reference number: Mayoral allowance F2021/747

Banyule City Council gives notice, under section 74(1) of the Local Government Act 1989 (the Act), of its intention to fix the Mayor and Councillors’ allowances at the top of the range limit for Category 3 Councils for the next 4 year term of Council to end in October 2024, currently $100,434 for the Mayor and $31,444 for the Councillors per annum, payable monthly in advance.

Under section 74(4) in respect of a review of allowances, any person may make a written submission to Council under section 223 of the Act.

Written submissions to Council under section 223 of the Act must be received by 5pm on 12 March 2021 and should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Banyule City Council. Submissions can also be made online. 

Any person who makes a submission incorporating a request to be heard is entitled to be heard when the submissions are considered in accordance with any public attendance restrictions that may apply at the time.

Submissions are considered public documents and are available for public inspection for a period of 12 months.

Council will consider submissions at its Ordinary Meeting of Council on Monday, 12 April 2021.

For further information contact Gina Burden, Manager Governance and Communications on 9490 4222.

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