Notice of draft Governance Local Law No. 2

Published on 07 December 2021

Notice is given under section 73(3) of the Local Government Act 2020, that Banyule City Council at its meeting of the 6 December 2021, resolved to release the draft Local Law No.2, to be referred to as Governance Local Law No. 2 (2022) in line with Council’s Community Engagement Policy.

Purpose of the Local Law

The objectives of this Local Law are to:

  • remove the references to Meeting Procedures Code (2015) which is now incorporated in Council’s Governance Rules
  • regulate the use of the common seal
  • prohibit unauthorised use of the common seal or any device resembling the common seal
  • set penalties for certain conduct in relation to Council meetings and other public meetings
  • revoke Governance Local Law No. 2 (2015).

General purpose of the local law

The local law no longer incorporates the Meeting Procedures Code (2015). Meeting procedures are now covered by the Council’s Governance Rules.

Penalties for contravention of a local law made under the 2020 Act no longer remain at $100 per penalty unit. They are indexed in the same way as penalty units under other Victorian legislation.

It outlines offences for:

  • a person to use the Common Seal or a device resembling the common seal without the authority of Council
  • a Councillor to not withdraw a remark which is considered by the Chairperson to be defamatory, indecent, abusive, offensive, disorderly or objectionable in language, substance or nature, when called upon twice by the Chairperson to do so
  • any person, not being a Councillor, who has been called to order for any improper or disorderly conduct to not leave the Council meeting when requested by the Chairperson to do so
  • any person to fail to obey a direction of the Chairperson relating to the conduct of the meeting or the maintenance of order
  • a Councillor to refuse to leave the Council meeting on suspension.

Feedback is invited on the draft Governance Local Law No.2, submissions can be made via Council’s Shaping Banyule page until 14 January 2022.

A copy of the Local Law may be inspected at the Council Service Centres.

Read the law and send us feedback

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