Lockdown training challenge

Published on 02 September 2021

We understand that lockdowns are having an impact on our physical and metal health.

We are now inviting local youth to take part in free guided sports training at home.

Tell us what club you belong to if you are a member

Session times

All sessions will be held on Zoom. You will need to create a login account to access the sessions.


Dates and times

Date Older adults
22 September 9-9.45am
24 September 9-9.45am
29 September 9-9.45am
1 October 9-9.45am

Certified trainers

Sessions are held by YMCA trainers, and are designed to keep you active, and will be led by one of our local certified fitness instructors.

Sessions will incorporate activities to address speed, agility, strength, mobility, stability and flexibility ... and will also be fun.



We knows that everyone's bodies react differently to exercise: work within your limitations and capabilities. Let our team know if you have any injuries, and please do not participate if you are feeling unwell.

Be sure to have water and a towel handy.