A dirt cheap way to divert food waste

Published on 16 September 2019

Composting in action. Green Cone composters installed with 1 being topped us with food waste.

From Monday 16 September, we're offering a huge rebate on digester green cones to eligible households.

Regular retail price is $192, but you'll only pay $80 after rebate.

A Green Cone is a maintenance-free digester that turns food waste into nutrients that enrich the surrounding soil.

Using an in-ground chamber and a twin cone system, it creates the perfect environment for worms and micro-organisms to quickly decompose the food waste without the terrible odour.

A Green Cone doesn't create compost, it enriches the soil immediately around the cone.

Just bury the basket in a sunny patch of grass or soil about 60cm deep, drop in your food waste, and the Green Cone does the rest.

Get your own Green Cone

Green Cones can be purchased during business hours from:

  • Waste Recovery Centre Administration Office (pay and pick up)
  • Greensborough Customer Service Centre (payment only)

Also pick it up from the Waste Recovery Centre on weekends and public holidays, if you pay for the Green Cone in advance.

After hours 

Can't make it to one of the offices during business hours? Follow these steps:

  1. Complete the After hours Green Cone rebate application form
  2. Send it to enquiries@banyule.vic.gov.au
  3. We will contact with you within 2 business days to discuss eligibility and next steps.

Conditions apply

  • Dwellings without private gardens or courtyards are ineligible.
  • Photo identification with address details is required, for instance drivers licence. 
  • Maximum of 1 rebate per Banyule based address.
  • Payment by card only, VISA or MasterCard.
  • Limited offer.

Using a Green Cone

Find out more about how Green Cones work and get all the details you need to assemble, install and maintain a Green Cone.


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