Get accurate information on solar energy

Published on 26 August 2020

Solar Savers program with house and panels.

We launched our Community Energy Service in September 2019. Through a series of community events and individual consultations, the service helps residents to better understand their household energy performance and reduce household energy cost.

Recently, an Ivanhoe resident reached out to our Community Energy Service team for advice on unsolicited information they had received from a sales person representing a solar battery system installer. They had been informed that with a new solar battery installation, their power bills would be effectively zero. Our Community Energy Officer got in touch to discuss their current solar system and billing information and to provide some information on battery storage capacity and off-grid set up limitations. After talking with the homeowner, the advice given by our Community Energy Officer was not to sign any paperwork with the sales person and to attend one of our Solar Savers information sessions.

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