Disc golf course proposal

Published on 30 March 2021

We have been assessing a proposed disc golf course at Warringal Parklands and have not yet formed a view on the merits and community effects of this proposal.

Our consultation process invites the community to participate over the next few months.

Online consultation platform

You will be able to use our online consultation platform to have your say from 12 April.

Details of the disc golf project will soon be made public, and the community can view and submit feedback until 30 May. This online consultation space will be the main platform for all project information, communication and consultation throughout the engagement period.

Public consultation forum

We will then provide the community with opportunity to discuss and share feedback, ideas and concerns in person with Council and Council officers.

Th feedback we have received to date will also be shared at this forum. The date for forum will be confirmed on our online consultation space.

The community will be notified to submit feedback and register for updates on the project via:

  • email contact to previous persons that have submitted feedback to date on the proposal
  • attendees at recent come and try session
  • post box drop to surrounding Warringal Park residents
  • communication to surrounding sports and community clubs
  • signage at parklands

Council meeting

We will review all feedback gathered from the consultation process, and a consultation report with the formal proposal will be considered at a public ordinary meeting of Council (date to be confirmed). There are range of matters that we will consider, including risk, impact on environment and community benefits.


For any questions or comments, please contact Christina Grayland on 9457 9813 or email Christina.Grayland@banyule.vic.gov.au

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