Darebin Creek Trail Upgrade and Closures

Published on 18 June 2020

Darebin Creek Trail closures and upgrade

Stage 1 is open

Stage 1 of the Darebin Creek Trail upgrade project will open on the afternoon of Friday, 19 June 2020.

Upgrading the trail

The project will improve the current pavement conditions, and will make walking and riding a pleasurable experience. Some sections of the trail will be realigned to improve safety, sight lines and reduce blind corners.

Building and planting

The upgrade includes a 3m wide new reinforced concrete for the main trail, and 2.5m wide feeder paths. Paths follow the existing alignment for the majority of the project area, however there are sections where the new path will deviate to meet relevant building and accessibility requirements and standards.

These realignments will also reduce the number of tree removals required. New tree planting and revegetation will also be done to offset any losses. New retaining walls and fencing will also be constructed along sections of the trail.

Time line

Darebin trail will be closed in sections.

  1. From 2 March 2020, access to the bridge will be opened approximately 150 meters to provide access to the informal/maintenance track. The remainder of the path will still be closed.
  2. From mid April 2020, access to the bridge at the intersection will be opened to provide access to Banksia St/Hockey Pitch/Cyril Cummins Reserve. Part of 1B stage and the full 1A stage is opened, while the remainder of the path will be closed until mid June.

Map of closures and detours

While the trail sections are closed for upgrade, an extensive array of detour and trail closed signage will help guide you safely around the project area.

Expand the menu of this map to display the closures and detours.

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