Bush Crew diaries September 2020: Simonelli Reserve's king parrots

Published on 26 August 2020

King parrot, image by Tom Crawshaw

Effective weed control and highlights include a wonderful show of flowering sun orchids and frequent visits by king parrots over the past year.

A little-known box stringybark woodland, only a quarter hectare in size and acquired in 2000, is comprised of 80 indigenous vascular plant species.

Over the last two decades, the Bushland Management Unit has worked hard to control invasive weeds over the site to protect the indigenous plant biodiversity. It is encouraging to see the positive impact the team is having as weed distribution mapping from 2010 to today shows substantial improvements that have been achieved through strategic weed management practices.

This year, the Bushland Management Unit Park Rangers were rewarded for their continuing efforts with one of the best displays of flowering sun orchids observed at the site, and seasonal visitors such as the king parrot enjoying a feed from the cherry ballarts.

Due to the reserve's small size, Simonelli Reserve is not open to the general public. But like all of our reserves, holds tremendous intrinsic value for its exceptional biodiversity.

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