Banyule Community Vision 2041

Published on 23 July 2021

Banyule Community Vision 2041

What a remarkable journey we have been on as our community embraced the idea of developing a Community Vision for Banyule 2041.

They brought energy, enthusiasm and expertise to create an inspired vision for the future of our city.

They embodied the amazing spirit of our community, and it was heartening to see how caring they were for one another and the place we call Banyule.

What they produced is a vision that is aspirational, ambitious and achievable. A vision that strives to build a better future for all. A future that starts with action today and ensures in 20 years' time our next generation will be in a better place.

We are truly grateful to more than 1300 people who contributed along the way and put us on our path towards Banyule 2041. We look forward to continuing this journey with you all to make this vision a reality.

Priority themes

As well as creating the overall Vision, the Community Working Group together with Council, set out 6 priority themes that outline the aspirations and focus of our community over the next 20 years.

  1. Inclusive and connected community
  2. Sustainable environment
  3. Our well-built city
  4. Valued community assets and facilities
  5. Thriving local economy
  6. Trusted and responsive leadership

Read Banyule Community Vision 2041

We look forward to 2041.

How we got here

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