Temporary outdoor retail permit

We encourage temporary outdoor retail and dining opportunities to help local businesses during COVID-19 restrictions.

This is a quick-response permit application to help keep your business going.

Time period

A temporary permit allows you to trade on a footpath until 30 March 2022. Consider our footpath trading permit for a permanent arrangement.

Get started

Step 1.Consider

Think about what may be a logical extension of your retail business, and how it can safely operate outdoors.

Options to consider include:

  • Footpath retail: tables and chairs on the footpath, out the front of the business
  • Expanded footpath retail: as above, but also in front of your neighbouring traders

Step 2.Site

Create a site plan that indicates the outdoor footpath area you want to occupy.

Include all dimensions and detail of the displays and furniture you require. See the examples provided on this page.

Be sure to include unobstructed pedestrian clearance of at least 1500mm wide.

Step 3.Consent

If you will be using the footpath in front of neighbouring businesses, you must collect written consent from all property owners that may be affected by your outdoor expansion.

Use our no objection to retail expansion sheet(PDF, 59KB).

Step 5.Assessment

We will go through your application to understand what you are proposing, and provide an outcome within 2 business days.

Step 6.Inspection

A municipal laws officer will visit your site to confirm your retail operation reflects your proposal.

Step 7.Issue

After the inspection, we may need to contact you for clarification or request additional information.

Once we are satisfied, we will issue you a permit to trade outdoors on the footpath. 

Help and questions

Contact our Municipal Laws team on 9490 4222 or at tempoutdoorretail@banyule.vic.gov.au