Apply for skip bin permit

The storage of a skip bin or container on the road or nature strip requires a permit prior to placement.

Each time a skip bin is to be placed on Council land, you must apply for a permit for that skip.

Apply to place skips on public land

Skip Bin and Container Application(PDF, 236KB)

To apply for and obtain a permit (at least 4 hours prior to the placement of the skip bin), you must provide:

  • a completed application
  • a copy of your current PL insurance certificate (minimum $20 million)
  • payment details.

All applications are to be emailed to

Paying for skip permits

The fee is charged at a rate of $21.45 per skip, per day.

This permit is required by General Local Law No. 1 (2015).


Any skip bin stored on Council land without a permit will be impounded.

Failure to comply with Council’s Local Law may result in infringements being issued up to $1,000 for each offence.

Where to place bins

When placing a bin it must not:

  • protrude onto footpaths or road pavements
  • interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic flow
  • be placed in right of ways or lanes
  • be placed in time restricted parking areas.

If the bin is placed on a road between sunset and sunrise it must have a reflective safety tape on it.

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