Apply for skip bin accreditation

Contractors that offer to supply skip bins to builders and property owners to be placed on the road or nature strip must first be accredited with Council.

Each time a skip bin is to be placed on Council land, you must apply for a permit for that skip.

Apply for accreditation to place skips on public land

Skip provider accreditation application(PDF, 19KB)

As part of your application you need to provide details of your public liability insurance ($20 million minimum).

Permits per skip placement

For each skip that you are booked to place on Council land, we need to know at least 4 hours to its delivery. That notification should come to us via email or fax 9499 9475.

Each permit lasts up to 7 days. After 7 days a new permit must be obtained from Council. Bins without a permit will be impounded.

Paying for skip permits

Each permit will cost $145 per bin per 7-day period or part thereof (on-site at a time).

You can arrange to be billed monthly for permits. We will send you an account at the end of each month.

Where to place bins

When placing a bin it must not:

  • protrude onto footpaths or road pavements
  • interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic flow
  • be placed in Right of Ways or lanes
  • be placed in time restricted parking areas.

If the bin is placed on a road between sunset and sunrise it must have a reflective safety tape on it.

This permit is required by General Local Law No. 1 (2015).

Contact us

For more information contact us on 9490 4222.