Hosting a neighbourhood street party

What can we offer?

Council encourages residents to have neighbourhood street parties; this kit ensures your party will be a success.

Public liability insurance

Every party is required to have a $10 million public liability insurance. Council has a limited number of free policies each year: to apply, tick the box on the application form.

If you prefer to arrange your own insurance, include a copy of the policy with your application form.

Street closures

If your party is to be held on a road and you wish to close it for your party, you will need to provide details in your application to Council at least 35 days prior to your requested date. This includes a map showing exactly where you require road closures. No traffic can access roads closures during this period. You may only close a road outside of properties that agree to a road closure, and you must show that residents have no objections by asking them to sign a No Objection to Street Closure form(PDF, 29KB) or notification letter (template)(PDF, 34KB).

Every party where roads are closed requires a traffic management plan and appropriate road closure equipment. Council can assist with providing staff to supply and erect road closure equipment (charges may apply).

The maximum road closure time is 4 hours.

Your responsibilities

As the street party organiser, you are responsible for:

  • informing Victoria Police, Metropolitan Ambulance Service and Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade;
  • dismantling road closure equipment, and leaving the equipment in a safe place until it is picked up on the following Monday; and
  • leaving the road in a clean and tidy condition after the event.

Food requirements and restrictions

BYO food and drink is suggested to avoid high costs for organisers, and ensure food is culturally appropriate. If catered, choose a registered caterer to ensure food safety: no further food preparation should be done once delivered.

Consider if alcohol is appropriate for the event.

Cleaning up

All rubbish should be quickly and safely collected, and disposed of appropriately to leave the area clean after the party. If your neighbourhood party is being held in a park, do not leave rubbish spilling out or next to bins ... take your rubbish home with you.

Privacy and being inclusive

Residents have the choice to participate, or not, and should feel comfortable in their decision

Be conscious of cultural and religious differences regarding food, dance, alcohol and music.

How to organise your party

Talk to your neighbours to find out if they would like to participate and discuss potential dates and type of party.

If you are considering closing a road, you must gain consent from all affected residents.

Council has 2 neighbourhood street party road closure kits; approval is based on order of applications received and signage required if more than 2 parties are held on the same date. You may be asked to nominate an alternative date.


A duration between 2-4 hours is practical, and allows neighbours to attend who may have other commitments on the day. Parties work well as casual happenings, not as major events. If your party is closing a road, you will need to allow time for setting up and removing tables and equipment.

Select a location

Decide on the best location, e.g. a local park, on a driveway, in a shared apartment block space or on a road.

If the party will be in a park, you only require a permit if:

  • there are 50 or more people;
  • you wish to erect a structure. e.g. a marquee or stage (not including BBQs); or
  • if vehicle access to the park for equipment drop is required.

BBQs may used in the park without a permit as long as it is not located within 4.5m of tree trunks, within 1.5m of flower beds, and you collect any residue in an appropriate container for off-site disposal. Cardboard should be located underneath the BBQ to protect lawns. Don’t use a BBQ on total fire ban days.

Consider recycling and rubbish disposal requirements and parking restrictions. Erecting marquees is not permitted in Banyule’s parks and gardens without formal prior consent from Council.

Noise and animal restrictions

If there will be music at your party, Council recommends using a portable or battery operated player to avoid any amplification and cables that may require further risk management assessment.

Noise restrictions occur:

  • Monday-Thursday, before 7am and after 10pm
  • Friday, before 7am and after 11pm
  • Saturday and public holidays, before 9am and after 11pm
  • Sunday, before 9am and after 10pm

Anyone who brings a pet must keep the animal under control on a leash at all times, and clean up after their pet.

Funding available

One $600 grant is available each year. Funding can be used for a range of purposes, including entertainment, catering expenses, children’s activities and hire of equipment.

Neighbourhood street party grant

How to apply

To obtain a permit for a party, you must submit a completed application at least 35 days before the event, and pay any necessary fees no later than 10 days before the party date.

Neighbourhood Street Party Permit Application(PDF, 68KB)

Submit your application to Banyule Council, Municipal Laws, PO BOX 51, Ivanhoe 3079 or via

Next steps

The next step following the issue of your permit is to distribute invitations, and it is advisable to be inclusive of all your neighbours. Not everyone may be able to attend, but giving residents the opportunity increases your chances of meeting as many people as possible. Remember: ask your neighbours to bring chairs, food, plates, cutlery, glasses and any other items that may be needed at the party.