Bolton Street Reserve


The exact history of this reserve is unknown but it has been managed by Banyule Council since 1994 and before that, the City of Eltham.

Banyule Council acknowledges the Wurundjeri-willam people, the traditional custodians of Banyule.

Flora and fauna

There is an interesting mix of vegetation, with two different vegetation communities; Grassy Dry Forest/Box Stringybark Woodland, Yellow box dominant; and Valley Grassy Forest, Long-leaf box/Candlebark dominant. Both communities are regionally threatened.

The interesting species present on the site include Golden Bush-pea (Pultenaea gunnii), Chocolate Lillies (Arthropodium strictum), the rare and threatened Matted Flax Lily (Dianella amoena), Yellow Rush Lily (Tricoryne elatior) and Kneed Wallaby Grass (Rytidosperma geniculatum). These values are managed by the Banyule Bushland Management Unit.


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