Best Pet Competition

They loved us unconditionally and never once asked for daily case numbers.

The inaugural Banyule's Best Pet Competition honours the pooches, moggies, birds, stick insects, lizards, guinea pigs, rabbits, snakes and other non-human friends who stood by us and helped us through the darkest days of lockdowns.

As EcoFest has been postponed 
entries into this competition have been delayed, opening later in 2022. 

You will be able to enter your pet into the competition later into 2022, and be in the running for a range of great prizes. Your pet secure a spot among the finalists at our EcoFest pet show in spring 2022

The Pet Show is a chance to showcase these fantastic pets, share their stories and to go in the running for the Banyule's Best Pet award.

Watch this space for how to enter your pet.