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Public toilets

Thu 28 September, 2017


Better public toilets will be provided across Banyule as part of a draft 10-year plan to provide modern and accessible facilities.

Banyule Mayor Cr Tom Melican said Council was now seeking community feedback on the draft Public Toilet Plan, which was developed after extensive research and consultation with the community. “We want as many people as possible to review the plan and provide feedback by 30 October so the plan can be finalised,” he said.

As part of preparing the draft plan, Council’s 56 public toilets were audited, with:

  • 4 (7%) rated ‘very good’;
  • 22 (39%) rated as ‘average’;
  • 43 (77%) rated as in ‘average’ to ‘very poor’ condition; and
  • 5 rated ‘very poor’ because of safety, accessibility or design issues.

Banyule Mayor Cr Tom Melican said Council’s aim was to work with other stakeholders to ensure that there were not only enough public toilets but that all public toilets were accessible and were in locations where there was high demand.

“While there is no statutory or legislative requirement for councils to provide public toilets, Banyule Council believes that providing public toilets is vital for supporting health and wellbeing, as well as being socially and corporately responsible,” Cr Melican said. He said Council developed the plan after recognising Council provided public toilets could be improved.

“Through the initial community consultation earlier this year, Council heard from many different people and groups within Banyule, including the elderly, families and people with a disability who are all not currently served particularly well by public toilets.” Cr Melican said.

“Our objectives in this plan, Banyule’s first Public Toilet Plan, are to ensure that: public toilets are available at key locations; they meet cleanliness and hygiene standards; are accessible to people of all ages and abilities; feature quality and environmentally sustainable design; and are appropriately located and designed.

“Council is particularly keen to provide toilets, or signage to toilets, within commercial areas, civic hubs, regional and significant parks, sporting hubs, near regional trails and within facilities provided or managed by Council.”

Apart from summarising the public toilet audit and community views on Banyule’s current public toilets, the Public Toilet Plan recommends upgrades and refurbishments to public toilets as well as those that should be decommissioned.

Read Banyule’s draft Public Toilet Plan and provide feedback bu 30 October. A final draft will then be considered by Council.