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More on paid parking

Thu 19 July, 2018

As resolved at the council meeting on 9 April 2018, a meeting with the affected residents has been arranged to discuss the installation of paid parking systems in Macleod and Rosanna.  

When: Tuesday, 24 July 2018, 3 - 6PM

Where: Lower Meeting Room; Nets Stadium Banyule (2 Somers Avenue, Macleod)

This meeting is one of 2 to be held across Banyule as part of the roll out of the paid parking program in Montmorency, Macleod, Ivanhoe, Rosanna, and Greensborough.

About the parking changes

Why is Council installing paid parking?

Council is installing paid parking across Banyule to manage the high demand for long term parking.

Has Council considered the impact paid parking will have on commuters parking near railway stations?

The Victorian Government has responsibility for providing parking at railway stations and some bus locations. Council is continually advocating for improvements to these facilities.

What are the benefits of paid parking?

Paid parking encourages:

  • more turnover of vehicles
  • people to use private onsite parking
  • more use of public transport
  • less parking by commuters who travel to other work locations
  • more parking close to local businesses

Why has Council selected certain areas for paid parking?

Areas selected are usually fully occupied for most of the day, unrestricted and close to an activity centre or railway station. The high demand for these spaces needs to be managed.

When will paid parking be installed?

Paid parking is expected to be installed in various locations throughout 2018.

What if people park in nearby streets without paid parking and impact on residents?

Nearby streets and parking areas are not expected to be affected by paid parking. Council will monitor surrounding streets after the change. If affected, residents can request parking restrictions as outlined in the On-Street Parking Management Framework.

Where else has Council installed paid parking?

Paid parking has been installed near railway stations, hospitals and activity centres in Ivanhoe, Heidelberg, Macleod, Rosanna and Greensborough over the last few years.

What other options do commuters have?

Council is committed to encouraging the community to use more sustainable modes of transport such as walking, getting dropped off, carpooling, cycling and using public transport. 

Has Council advocated for additional bus services and routes?

Council continuously advocates for the Victorian Government to review parking at railway stations and bus services in Banyule.

Parking fees

How much do I need to pay?

Paid parking in Banyule is:

  • $1 an hour or
  • $2 to $5 a day, depending on the location.

Motorists should check parking restrictions and paid parking machines onsite for the correct fee.

How can I pay?

You can feed coins into parking machines and some will accept credit cards. Drivers are obliged to pay for parking even if there are no credit card payment options.

What if I forget to bring change?

To use paid parking areas, ensure you have enough coins before parking. Cars parked at expired meters or without valid parking tickets can receive a parking infringement.

Will displaying my resident parking permit mean I don’t need to pay?

No. Vehicles with a residential parking permit parked in a paid parking bay will still need to pay.

Will paid parking areas be inspected and enforced?

Yes. Council’s traffic enforcement team enforces parking restrictions daily to encourage regular turnover of vehicles and ensure all drivers have access to parking.