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Lighting it up blue for autism awareness

Wed 28 March, 2018

April is Autism Awareness Month and to mark the occasion a series of activities will be held in Banyule.

Banyule Council will light its terrace at 1 Flintoff Street Greensborough blue, the theme colour of Autism Awareness Month, as a sign of support.

Good Games Greensborough will run the Social Game Day on Sunday 8 April and welcome those on the autism spectrum. Staff are currently undertaking autism awareness training with Amaze, Victoria’s peak body for people on the autism spectrum.

Hoyts Greensborough will hold a Sensory Friendly Film screening of Peter Rabbit on Sunday 15 April. Sensory Friendly Films have been co-created by Banyule Council and Hoyts Greensborough so people on the autism spectrum can feel comfortable and welcome at the movies. At a Sensory Friendly Film, it is possible to move freely throughout the cinema, make noise, and leave devices on. Cinema lights are left on, the film volume is lowered, and there is no seat allocation or pre-show advertising.

Banyule City Council’s 1100-strong staff will have an internal education, awareness and fundraising morning on Thursday 19 April for the Giant Steps autism-tailored education provider. Staff will wear blue, learn about autism and be challenged to consider more inclusive work practices.

Banyule Mayor Cr Mark Di Pasquale said Council’s Autism Awareness Month is an opportunity to increase understanding about autism in all its guises.

“Council backs Autism Awareness Month and is pleased to be involved in helping to make this city a sensory friendly place,” he said.

“We have worked hard to create inclusive environments where people on the autism spectrum can feel comfortable and to increase awareness of autism not just in April but all year round.”  

Autism is a lifelong condition that affects the way a person relates to their environment and interacts with other people.

The word 'spectrum' describes the range of difficulties people with autism may experience and the degree to which they may be affected.

Some people may be able to live relatively normal lives, others may have accompanying learning challenges and require continued specialist support.

The details:

  • Social Game Day, Good Games Greensborough, 61 Main St, Greensborough, Sunday 8 April 10am-4pm, free.
  • Sensory Friendly Film screening of Peter Rabbit, Hoyts, 25 Main St, Greensborough, Sunday 15 April,10am, $10. Bookings: 9026 9950.