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Ivanhoe Activity Area Planning Scheme Amendment

Mon 1 December, 2014

Interim Controls - C91

Planning Scheme Amendment C91 – Ivanhoe Activity Area (Interim Controls)

Council resolved to adopt the updated Ivanhoe Structure Plan on 3 June 2013. Council also resolved to support the preparation and exhibition of the associated Planning Scheme Amendment.

Planning Scheme Amendment C91 proposes to make changes to different parts of the Banyule Planning Scheme to give statutory effect to Ivanhoe Structure Plan. Changes will be made to:

Design and Development Overlays (DDO)

The introduction of two new schedules to the Design and Development Overlay at Clause 43.02 of the Banyule Planning Scheme will ensure that development is well designed, environmentally sustainable and respectful of surrounding land uses and heritage places:

  • Schedule 11 to the DDO – Diversity Area Precincts (1-5). Design Guidelines will apply to each of the Diversity Precincts with the exception of Precinct 6 (the Civic Precinct) which will be subject to a separate master-planning exercise.
  • Schedule 12 to the DDO – Accessible Residential Area Precinct (Precinct 7)

This Amendment was approved by the Minister and appeared in the Government Gazette on Thursday 28 November. The interim controls will mean that planning permit applications within the Ivanhoe Major Activity Area (IMAA) boundary will be assessed in accordance with these controls while Amendment C93 for the permanent controls is considered. The interim controls will expire on 21 May 2015.

To view the amendment documents and associated information please follow the links below:

Banyule C91 Explanatory Report

Banyule C91 Schedule 11 to the Design & Development Overlay

Banyule C91 Schedule 12 to the Design & Development Overlay

Banyule C91 List of Amendments

Banyule C91 DDO Map to be deleted

Banyule C91 DDO Map

Banyule C91 Instruction Sheet

For further information about Planning Scheme Amendment C91 please contact Anne North (available Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday) on 9457 9887.