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Household Survey 2017

Mon 23 October, 2017


The Household Survey is an important information tool that Banyule uses to better understand community needs for residents and businesses. Council will be conducting a survey of 700 households across Banyule, gathering key information to help plan, deliver and advocate for community services. 
A range of aspects are covered from health to employment, including support services, health, recreation, transport, retail shopping, housing,  local issues, community life, environment, and employment. The survey is scheduled to occur over October and November with randomly selected households to give feedback and suggestion for the community.


Door to door interviewers with identification and a Mayors cover letter will invite households to participate to achieve 700 completed surveys from across Banyule, with questions completed at home to later be picked up. Participation is optional and data is treated anonymously. If you have any queries regarding the survey, call 9490 4222.