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Council Meeting Decision Summary

Wed 15 March, 2017


Please note: This summary of decisions made by Council at this meeting is a summary only and should not be read as the official minutes of the meeting. The official minutes of the meeting will be available from noon on Friday 17 March 2017 here. An audio file of the 14 March 2017 Council Meeting is also currently available. More information about each item (the full Council Reports) is available within the 14 March 2017 Meeting Agenda.

The date of the next Council Meeting is Monday 3 April 2017, with the agenda available from noon on Wednesday 29 March 2017.


5.1       Ivanhoe Library and Community Learning Hub Delivery Plan

Concept plans have been prepared for the proposed new Ivanhoe Library and Community Learning Hub, with concept plans for the adjoining public plaza and landscaping. Cost estimates will come later.

Consultation on the Ivanhoe Community Learning Hub Delivery Plan can now be undertaken in April/May 2017 for Council approval prior to a formal planning permit application in the second half of 2017.  Assuming a suitable planning outcome, detailed design process and construction tender it is expected that works could commence in the second half of 2018.


That Council:

1.       Prepares concept plans and cost estimates for the proposed public plaza / landscaping adjoining Upper Heidelberg Road. The public plaza is to be designed to integrate with the proposed Community Learning Hub and to provide for future active frontages.

2.       Prepares a Community Learning Hub Delivery Plan and Consultation Plan which features:

a.       The proposed new library and community learning hub (based on the Croxon Ramsay concept plan);

b.       More detailed concept plans for the proposed plaza and landscaping with emphasis on activation opportunities for the Civic Plaza;

c.       Retention of existing “at grade” car parking where possible (no new decked car park);

d.       Provision of additional “at-grade” car park on remaining library land (total “at grade” car parking of approximately 236 spaces);

3.       Develop a detailed engagement plan to undertake consultation on the Community Learning Hub Delivery Plan.

5.1       Olympic Park Master Plan

In December 2015, Council started preparing a master plan for Olympic Park to ensure the best outcomes for the community, with improved facilities, better linkages and access from both sides of Darebin Creek, and a long term sustainable plan for the precinct.

Extensive consultation occurred throughout 2016 with Olympic Park user groups, local residents, external stakeholders, Councillors and Council staff. Feedback was largely in support of the overall plan.

Implementation of the master plan has been staged over the next 10+ years, with an estimated cost of $11,355,000 to implement all elements.


That Council

1.       Adopt the Master Plan for Olympic Park.

2.       Refer projects and cost estimates within the Master Plan to future capital work budgets.

5.3       Banyule Integrated Transport Plan – Progress Report

The Banyule Integrated Transport Plan 2015-2035 was adopted by Council in October 2015 to guide transport and land use decisions, provide an overall framework to address transport issues, and create a more accessible, safe, sustainable and active community. It outlines 68 actions for the immediate, short and longer terms. To date, all of the actions for the immediate (2015/16) and short term (by 2019/20) are either completed or well underway. A number of actions, including those focused on transport advocacy and leadership by Council, will continue over the life of the plan.


1.         That Council note this report and continue to support the implementation of the Banyule Integrated Transport Plan.

2.       A further report on the progress of implementation of the Banyule Integrated Transport Plan to be presented to Council in 12 months.

3.       A future report to Council consider the benefits and opportunities of technological advancements resulting in delivery of the Banyule Integrated Transport Plan.

5.4       2017-2018 Community Sport Infrastructure Fund

The Community Sports Infrastructure Fund (CSIF) provides State Government funding for high-quality and accessible community sport and recreation facilities.

At its 22 August 2016 meeting, Council resolved to progress two Banyule projects to Full Application Stage within the 2017/18 Community Sports Infrastructure Fund: Minor Facilities: Burkitt Oval (Sports Field Lighting), and Female Friendly Facilities: Elder Street Reserve Pavilion Change Rooms.  Council’s subsequent application for the two projects has been successful.

The two successful projects will result in $535,000 of community asset upgrades and development.  Banyule Council will fund $335,000 for the two projects which is required as matching funding within the 2017/18 draft budget. The CSIF will fund $150,000 towards the projects and $50,000 will be provided from local clubs.


That Council:

1.       Note the outcome of the funding applications within the 2017-2018 Community Sports Infrastructure Fund (CSIF).

2.       Confirm the inclusion of $335,000 within the draft 2017/18 Budget for the matching funding requirement for the following projects:

a.       Minor Facilities: Burkitt Oval Sports Field Lighting ($225,000)

b.       Female Friendly Facilities: Elder Street Reserve Pavilion Change Rooms ($180,000)

3.       Inform stakeholders regarding the outcome of the funding applications.

5.5       Greensborough War Memorial Park – Temporary Umpire Change Rooms

In early 2016, the scoreboard, umpire change rooms and storage area at Greensborough War Memorial Reserve were destroyed by arsonists. Temporary facilities were located on the site to allow competition football to be played at the venue during the 2016 season.

In the current 2016/17 budget, Council has allocated $100,000 towards a replacement facility.  The Greensborough Coterie Group (GCG) have been working with Council to design a replacement facility which will incorporate broader multipurpose community facilities.

A concept has been established with an estimated cost of $350,000. At this time full funding for stage one of the project is not confirmed.

Until the project starts, temporary facilities for the 2017 season, at an estimated cost of $30,000, will need to be allocated to allow football to continue at the site.


That Council allocate the additional $30,000 from operational savings identified in the 2016/17 forecast budget for sports pavilion to provide temporary facilities at the Greensborough War Memorial Reserve for the 2017 football season.

5.6       Urban Planning and Building Activities Report (July-December 2016)

This report presents and provides commentary on the activities of the Urban Planning and Building Department (consisting of Development Planning, Strategic Planning and Banyule Building Permits and Inspections (BPi)) for the period July – December 2016.

Key highlights for development planning, include an 11.86% increase in planning applications and related requests from the previous year and a 26% reduction in appeals against Council decisions being lodged compared with the previous six month period (includes a 67% reduction in number of appeals against a failure to make a decision within statutory timeframe. Key highlights for Bpi include a $195,000 profit, which is 34% greater than budget and reduction in number of building permits issues (23.5% less than same period in previous financial year).


That Council note the Urban Planning and Building Activities Report for the period July-December 2016.

7.1       Construction Management of Capital Works

The purpose of this report is to advise Council the forecasted over-expenditure of the 2016/17 Capital Works and Initiatives project titled, ‘Construction management of Capital Works Projects’, and seek approval for over-expenditure.

The adopted 2016/17 CWIP allocated $200,000 for this project. The total expenditure as of 20 February 2017 is, $238,435 excl. GST. The forecasted expenditure for the 2016/17 financial year is $450,000 which would represent an over-expenditure of $250,000.


That Council approve an over-expenditure of $250,000 against the Capital Works & Initiatives project titled; ‘Construction Management of Capital Works Projects’, to be funded from forecast under-expenditure for the 2016/17 financial year 2016/17 Capital Works and Initiatives Programme budget.

7.2       General Valuation

Council's statutory obligation under the Valuation of Land Act 1960 is to ensure that all rateable and non-rateable properties within Banyule are valued every two years.

The Valuation of Land Act 1960 requires Council to formally resolve its intention to return a general valuation and notify other rating authorities interested in the valuation of land within its area within one month of making such a resolution.


That Council:

1.     Resolve to cause a General Valuation to be made of all rateable and non-rateable property in the City of Banyule and to be returned after 1 January 2018 and before 30 June 2018.

2.     Gives notice to the Valuer-General and every other rating authority interested in the valuation of land within its areas to be notified of the resolution under part (1) above in accordance with Section 6(1) of the Valuation of Land Act 1960.

3.     Carry out the General Valuation in accordance with the provision of the Local Government Act 1989 and the Valuation Land Act 1960.

4.     Note the Statutory Declaration of impartiality and competence made by the Valuers appointed by Council (Peter Kemm, Dale Ziesing and Rodney Patel) for the return of the 2018 General Rating Revaluation.

7.3       Assembly of Councillors

Under the Local Government Act 1989 an Assembly of Councillors is defined as:

  • A meeting of an advisory committee of the Council, if at least one Councillor is present or;
  • A planned or scheduled meeting of at least half of the Councillors and one member of Council staff which considers matters that are intended or likely to be:
    • the subject of a decision of the Council or;
    • subject to the exercise of a function, duty or power of the Council that has been delegated to a person or committee.

In accordance with Section 80A of the Local Government Act 1989 Council is required to report as soon as possible to an Ordinary Meeting of Council a record of any assemblies of Councillors held. Below is the latest listing of notified assemblies of Councillors held at Banyule City Council. The report is available within the agenda.


That the Assembly of Councillors report be received.


Council Meeting ended at 8.30pm.

Next Council Meeting is on Monday 3 April 2017.