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Council Meeting Decision Summary

Tue 27 June, 2017


Please note: This summary of decisions made by Council at this meeting is a summary only and should not be read as the official minutes of the meeting. An audio file of the 26 June 2017 Council Meeting is also currently available on our website. More comprehensive reports on each Agenda Item are available within the 26 June 2017 Meeting Agenda.

The Agenda Item titles and resolutions from the 26 June 2017 are below, with a more detailed summary of each Agenda Item available to be downloaded under Related information at the top right of this page.

The date of the next Council Meeting is Monday 17 July 2017, with the agenda available from noon on Wednesday 12 July 2017.


Leave of Absence and Apologies

Cr Tom Melican (leave of absence), Cr Alison Zandegu (apology)

Confirmation of Minutes

Minutes were confirmed from meeting of 5 June 2017.

Urgent Business

1.1  Affordable Housing & Co-Housing in Banyule


That letters be written to the Minister for Planning, Minister for Housing, CEO of Developments Victoria, the CEO of the Victorian Planning Authority and all local members of Parliament to advocate for government investment and planning for affordable housing and co-housing in Banyule within specific Government land development projects. 

7.1  Adoption of Council Plan 2017-2021 (this Agenda Item was brought forward)



1.    Council, having considered all submissions received and having complied with the requirements of sections 125 and 126 of the Local Government Act 1989, adopt the Council Plan 2017-2021 as attached to this report.

2.    In accordance with the Local Government Act 1989, a copy of Banyule’s Council Plan 2017-2021 be provided to the Minister for Local Government.

3.    The submitters be thanked for their contributions and advised that Council has considered their submissions relating to Banyule’s Council Plan 2017-2021 and that they be notified of the outcome of their submission.

4.    Reflecting the urgency of acting on climate change, the Council Plan be amended to read:

2.3       Lead in planning for, and responding to, climate change

Our focus areas

We will:

2.3.1    Reduce our contribution to climate change

2.3.2     Review the Energy Plan to work towards zero Council emissions, with a focus on self-  g     generated green energy.

2.3.3    Investigate the development of a Community Energy Plan to assist the community to minimise energy use and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Key Initiatives

  • Implement priority actions from the current Energy Plan as part of Council’s ongoing focus of reducing and minimising energy use, including:
  • Improve energy efficiency in Council buildings
  • Install solar panels and consider battery storage technologies
  • Increase fuel efficiency in Council’s fleet, including substituting fossil-fuelled vehicles with alternative fuel and electric powered vehicles.
  • Contribute funds to the Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action and Positive Charge program for residents
  • Provide a real-time monitoring display of energy and water use in the foyer at One Flintoff, Council’s new staff accommodation and community facilities in Greensborough.
  • Review Council’s Energy Plan including:
  • Seek opportunities for the strategic disconnection of gas infrastructure from council assets.
  • Seek to avoid grid upgrades by implementing solar PV, energy efficiency and battery installations
  • Develop best practice guidelines for ESD performance in Council buildings
  • Seek opportunities to transition to LED lighting for Council lighting upgrades.
  • Implement the public lighting pole replacement program with an emphasis on new technology and solar powered lighting in Council’s land and facilities.
  • Investigate the development of a Community Energy Plan, including:
  • The creation of a flagship program to facilitate the installation of solar photovoltaic panels on residential and commercial buildings.
  • The solar panel pilot project as part of an Aged Services climate change initiative to facilitate older people’s access to renewable energy and to reduce the cost burden associated with power bills.
  • Review processes and capacity for services to respond to extreme climate events, the Urban Heat Island effect, and weather patterns (e.g. storm events, drought, and heat) to enhance the resilience of our community.

Section 2.4 Avoid Waste Generation

Key initiatives of this section, the first dot point to say: "Review the Waste Management Plan with a view to move towards zero waste." 

7.2  Adoption of Banyule's Budget for the period 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018 (this Agenda Item was brought forward)



1.     Council having considered all submissions received and having complied with the requirements of sections 127, 129 and 130 of the Local Government Act 1989, adopt the attached Proposed Budget 2017/2018 with the following amendments:

  1. The outcomes of Council’s consideration of public submissions for the Proposed Budget 2017/2018.
  2. Items that have been referred to the Proposed Budget 2017/2018 by reports to Council which require additional funding not considered during the budget development process.
  3. Other modifications including timing of funding related to the Victoria Grants Commission and a revision of Fees & Charges. 

2.     In accordance with sections 158 and 161 of the Local Government Act 1989, Council declare the Rates, Levies and Annual Service Charges for the 2017/2018 rating year commencing 1 July 2017 and ending 30 June 2018 as detailed in the Proposed Budget 2017/2018.

3.     All submitters be advised Council has considered their submissions (as per the attached summary table) relating to the Proposed Budget 2017/2018, the submitters be advised of the outcome of the consideration as it relates to their specific submission, and they be thanked for their contributions.

4.     Council give public notice of the adoption of the Budget 2017/2018 in accordance with section 130 (2) of the Local Government Act 1989.

5.     A copy of the adopted Budget 2017/2018 be provided to the Minister for Local Government in accordance with section 130 (4) of the Local Government Act 1989

6.     Council notes:

  1. The total budgeted EFT of 643.05.
  2. The budget includes expenditure on external agency of $1.877million and on external consultancies of $1.953million (including capital and initiative project spend).

 7.    Requests the CEO to include the following reporting in the Quarterly Financial Management Report provided to Council:           

  1. Details on actual EFT, budget EFT and the reasons for any variances to budget.
  2. Details on actual agency and consultancy spending, the reasons for any variances to budget and actions to reduce these areas of expenditure. 

8.     The Mayor and relevant Ward/Portfolio Councillors write to all organisations funded in the budget regarding the funding they will receive.

9.     Council receives a further report on the Fairy Hills Kindergarten redevelopment once cost estimates are established to consider an allocation of appropriate funding to improve accessibility for all. 

2.1 Petition about public housing redevelopment sites at Bardia Street and Tarakan Street, Heidelberg West 


That this item be deferred to the next meeting of Council (at the request of the lead petitioner). 

3.1 Aged services solar program special charge scheme


That Council:

1.     Commences the statutory process under the Local Government Act 1989 (Act) to declare a Special Charge under section 163(1) of the Act (Special Charge) for the purposes of defraying expenses to be incurred by Council in relation to the supply and installation of solar energy systems in those residential properties within the municipal district of the City of Banyule which have agreed to participate in the Council-initiated program known as the ‘Aged Services Solar Program’ (Program or Scheme).

2.    Acting in accordance with sections 163(1A) and 163B(3) of the Act, directs that public notice be given in ‘The Heidelberg Leader’ and ‘The Diamond Valley Leader’ newspapers and also on Council’s Internet website of the intention of Council to declare the Special Charge at its Ordinary Meeting to be held on 28 August 2017 in accordance with the proposed declaration of a Special Charge attached to and forming a part of this resolution (Proposed Declaration of Special Charge).

3.    In accordance with section 163(1C) of the Act, separate letters enclosing a copy of the public notice be sent to the owners of the properties referred to and set out in the Schedule of properties attached to and forming a part of the Proposed Declaration of Special Charge (Schedule A) advising of the intention of Council to declare the Special Charge at its Ordinary Meeting to be held on 28 August 2017; the amount of the Special Charge for which each property owner will be liable; and notifying such persons that submissions and/or objections in writing in relation to the Proposed Declaration of Special Charge will be considered and/or taken into account by Council in accordance with sections 163A, 163B and 223 of the Act.

4.    Determines that, under section 223(1)(b)(i) of the Act, any person who makes a written submission in relation to the Proposed Declaration of Special Charge and requests to be heard in support of their written submission be heard by Council at the Ordinary Meeting of Council to be held in the Council Chamber, 275 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe at 7:00pm on Monday, 7 August 2017.

5.    Authorises Council’s Manager, Transport, Sustainability and Municipal Laws (or the person for the time being acting in that position) to carry out any and all other administrative procedures necessary to enable Council to carry out its functions under section 163A and sections 163(1A), (1B) and (1C) and sections 163B and 223 of the Act.

6.    Consider the program as a trial for further expanding the service for people who receive pensions and other low income earners (healthcare card holders).

7.    Review the program after 12 months of installation of the solar panels.

8.    Consider expanding the service in the 2019-20 budget. 

3.2 Jets Creative Arts Program


That Council:

1.     Ceases the Jets Creative Arts Program from 30 December 2017.

2.     Reconfirms its positon to not be a service provider under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

3.     Use the transition funding allocated in the 2017/18 budget to support the development of inclusive practices at Jets to enable people with disabilities to participate in the core programs on offer.

4.      Consider ongoing resource support for inclusive programs at Jets as part the 2018/19 budget. 

4.1 Use of the Landfill Levy


That Council write to the Metropolitan Local Government Waste Forum proposing that the motion raised at the May 2017 meeting be reworded to “The Forum advocate to the Minister for Energy, Environment, Climate Change requesting that funds generated through the collection of the Municipal and Industrial Landfill Levy be focussed on initiatives that reduce waste and increase resource recovery”. 

4.2 Banning plastic bags


That Council:

1.     Endorses in-principle a full ban on single use plastic bags in Victoria.

2.     Notes that the Victorian State Government is responsible for this area of environmental policy.

3.     Notes that the broader views of the Banyule community on this issue will be established through the consultation that will occur in the development of a new Waste Management Plan.

4.     Seek the support of local Members of Parliament asking them to lobby their parties to support a state wide ban on the use of single use plastic bags. 

5.1 Hurstbridge Line Improvements


That Council:

1.     Note the Level Crossing Removal Authority’s progress on the Hurstbridge Railway Line improvements.

2.    Provide in-principle support for the Level Crossing Removal Authority’s proposal to signalise the Beetham Parade/Lower Plenty Road intersection in Rosanna to address connectivity and safety issues and facilitate the provision of a new ‘community plaza’ adjacent to the existing shops following consultation with Rosanna traders and their Association.

3.    Request the Level Crossing Removal Authority to advise the outcome of its community consultation on its proposed changes to the intersection of Ellesmere Parade and Lower Plenty Road, Rosanna for future consideration by Council.

4.    Endorse the construction of a shared use path along the west side of Turnham Avenue, Rosanna between the new Railway Station entrance and Station Road which retains the canopy trees but requires removal of eight on‑street car parking spaces.

5.    Contribute $40,000 towards the construction of two additional toilets at Rosanna Railway Station in addition to the two toilets required by Metro (totalling four toilets) subject to the toilets being maintained by Metro and being kept open from first train to last train, or reasonable extended hours as agreed by Council.

6.    Contribute $100,000 towards the construction of an enhanced drainage outlet from the west side of the railway adjacent to 182 Hawdon Street, Rosanna, through to the Council channel on the east side of Cape Street; and agree to accept the long term maintenance responsibility of this drainage connection.

7.    Note the Level Crossing Removal Authority’s proposed use of VicRoads land adjacent to Borlase Reserve, Yallambie, instead of De Winton Reserve, Rosanna.

8.    Seek the LXRA’s commitment to developing social enterprise opportunities for the leasing of the commercial floor space for a Café at the Rosanna Railway Station.

5.2 Road user safety and road maintenance in Lower Plenty


That Council:

1.     After completion of rehabilitation works, monitors Old Eltham Road and surrounding streets over a twelve month period, to determine if existing maintenance schedules are adequate.

2.      Advise the primary petitioner of Council’s decision on this matter and also inform the petitioner that Old Eltham Road, Lower Plenty, is scheduled for rehabilitation works over the next 3 years. 

5.3 Future of Strathallan open space located in City of Darebin


That Council:

1.     Supports the retention of the much needed open space provided by the Strathallan Golf Course and the original town planning vision that protected this land with Public Open Space and Recreation zoning.

2.     Writes to the Vice Chancellor of La Trobe University, the Minister for Planning, the Minister for Finance/Member for Preston and the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly/Member for Bundoora and all Upper House Members of the area expressing support for the retention of the open space to protect environmental values of the land and retain the important recreation services provided to the community by the Strathallan Golf Course.

3.     Writes to Darebin City Council to express support for the resolution it adopted at its meeting on 13 February 2017 on this matter, and request that it keep Banyule City Council informed of progress on the resolution.

4.      Writes to Save Strathallan Open Space Community Coalition Inc. to thank them for their community advocacy on this matter and to advise them of this resolution. 

5.4 Road Management Plan


That Council adopt the Road Management Plan 2017. 

5.5 Macleod Village Special Charge - consideration of submissions



1.     In respect of Council’s published intention to declare a Special Charge for the Macleod Shopping Village (“Proposed Special Charge”); and

2.     Having

     (a) received and considered submissions received under section 223 of the Local Government Act 1989 (“Act”)

3.     Council hereby resolves to receive and consider a further report and to make a final decision on the Proposed Special Charge, and to give its reasons for its decision, at the Ordinary Meeting of Council to be held on 7 August. 

5.6 Greensborough Town Centre Special Rate and Charge - consideration of submissions and objections



1.       In respect of Council’s published intention to declare a Special Rate and Charge for the Greensborough Town Centre (“Proposed Special Rate and Charge”); and

2.       Having:

          (a)      received and considered submissions received under section 223 of the Local Government Act 1989 (“Act”); and

          (b)     taken account of objections received under section 163B of the Act –  

Council hereby resolves to receive and consider a further report and to make a final decision on the Proposed Special Rate and Charge, and to give its reasons for its decision, at the ordinary meeting of Council to be held on 7 August 2017.

5.7 Northland Urban Renewal Precinct - Joint Community Infrastructure Plan


That Council:

1.     Endorse the Joint Community Infrastructure Plan for use as a working document.

2.     Continue to work with the public sector authorities that are party to the Plan on planning for priority community infrastructure identified by the Plan.

3.      Continue to work with these project partners to identify funding sources which will enable priority community infrastructure to be delivered in the most cost effective way. 

7.3 Municipal Association Act Review - Council Submission

That Council submits a response to the Municipal Association Act Review Consultation Paper which states Council:

1.     Generally supports the objectives of the proposed reforms as set out in the consultation paper;

2.     Considers that the reforms clarify the role of the Municipal Association Of Victoria (MAV) and establishes principles and practices which are consistent with good governance;

3.     Is supportive of the obligation being conferred on MAV to increase its accountability and reporting to member councils;

4.     Agrees that MAV should continue to be allowed to provide insurance and procurement services for its member councils, and should be allowed to borrow and make investments;

5.     Suggests proposed Reform 9 - Provide that the rules for management of MAV may be amended or removed or remade if 60 per cent of the representatives vote in favour of the change - be clarified and made fairer for metropolitan councils given that the great percentage of Victoria's population resides in 31 of the 79 potential member councils; and

6.      Recommends inclusion of a reform that ensures MAV is transparent and acts with integrity in its Board nomination process, not just for positions on MAV board but for any other Board or Committee positions which MAV may be requested to put forward a representative/s. Such positions should be opened up to all member councils. 

7.4 Debt Management Strategic Plan 2017/18


That Council:

1.     Notes the strong financial position of Council as evidenced by the projected 2016-17 operating surplus of $11.9m and the budgeted 2017-18 surplus of $3.9m.

2.     Notes that gross debt (interest-bearing loans and borrowings) is budgeted to fall by $15.2m in 2017-18 to a five year low of $37.3m.

3.     Develops a four year financial sustainability plan, to compliment the four year City Plan, that includes the following elements:

  • A continued reduction in gross Council debt.
  • A continued focus in reducing expenditure on external agency and consultancies.
  • A continued focus on environmental sustainability initiatives, such as solar panels and water harvesting, that also deliver financial savings to Council.
  • A continued focus on business-oriented initiatives that reduce Council reliance on property rates to fund services and infrastructure.

7.5 Rating Strategy 2017/18


That Council adopt the 2017/18 Rating Strategy. 

7.6 Procurement Policy



1.     Council endorse the review of the 2016/17 Procurement Policy and adopt the Policy as attached.

2.     The annual review of the Procurement Policy be brought forward for consideration by Council in September 2017, together with the review of Council delegations required in accordance with Section 98(1)(6) of the Local Government Act 1989.

7.7 Parks and Gardens supplier panel contract no. 0900-2016



1.    Contract No.  0900-2016 for ‘Parks and Gardens Supplier Panel’ be awarded to a panel consisting of the following twenty (20) suppliers for a period of one year:

Category 1. Bushland Management Services

  • Diverse Land Management
  • Haas and Gray Indigenous Horticulture Pty Ltd
  • HLM Australia Pty Ltd
  • Re-Veg Works Pty Ltd

Category 2. Synthetic Grass Cricket Pitches

  • Maddocks Sports Pty Ltd

Category 3. Tree Establishment Planting

  • Australian Ecosystems Pty Ltd
  • Landlinks Environmental Services P/L

Category 4. Irrigation Requirements

  • Pumpworks Victoria Pty Ltd
  • Smart Water Corporation Pty Ltd

Category 5. Tree Audit Reports

  • Greenscape Tree Consulting
  • Enspec Pty Ltd

Category 6. Miscellaneous Hardware Requirements

  • K&P Dean Distributors

Category 7. Supply Only and Supply and Installation of Mulch

  • Bark King Pty Ltd
  • Aztec Industries (Blow It Mulch)
  • Ecodynamics Pty Ltd (Moss Rock and We Blow)

 Category 8. Supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Amare Safety

 Category 9.          Supply of Landscaping and Urban Design Services

  • 3 Acres LA
  • Hansen Partnership Pty Ltd
  • Niree Bingham Landscape Architect
  • Pollen Studio

2.       The Common Seal of the Banyule City Council be affixed to the contract agreement.

3.       Council officers be authorised to extend the contract for a further two years on a year by year basis subject to successful performance of the contractor. 

7.8 Assembly of Councillors


That the Assembly of Councillors report be received. 

8.1 Sealing of documents


That Council sign and affix the Common Seal of the Banyule City Council to the following documents:

1.       Lease between Banyule City Council and The Hon. Robin Scott MP, Minister for Finance for and on behalf of the State of Victoria in relation to 1 Flintoff Street and part lower ground floor at 7 Flintoff Street, Greensborough, for a period of five (5) years commencing 1 July 2017 and ending 30 June 2022 with the option for two further terms of two (2) years each.

2.       Lease between Banyule City Council and Diamond Valley Gem Club Inc for the lease of “Grace Park Cottage” at 135 Henry Street, Greensborough, for the term of five (5) years commencing 1 July 2015 and ending 30 June 2020.

3.       The Loan Guarantee between Banyule City Council, Yallambie Tennis Club and the Bendigo Bank for $63,000 towards the redevelopment of three tennis courts at Yallambie Tennis Club. 

General Business

10.1 Yarra Valley Hockey Club New Turf

On Saturday 17th June, Cr Craig Langdon attended along with Cr Castaldo the opening of the Yarra Valley Hockey Club new turf.  Council committed $600,000, the club $100,000 and the State Government $100,000. Cr Langdon would like to congratulate the club for their contribution and in particular the Committee Chaired by Craig Lovel.

Cr Langdon was advised at the opening that the contribution of $100,000 by the State Government was due to the intervention of the Member for Northcote, the Hon Fiona Richardson who intervened to ensure funding was received. Cr Langdon congratulates her for that intervention.

Cr Langdon advised the people at the opening that Council was allocating $30,000 in the 2017-18 Budget for detailed planning for a second turf/pitch and that $1m has been allocated over the 2019-20 & 2020-21 budgets. Council is seeking matching funding from the State or Federal Governments. 

10.2 Thank you to Acting Mayor Cr Mark Di Pasquale

Cr Craig Langdon thanked Acting Mayor Cr Mark Di Pasquale for the fantastic job he has done chairing the Council Meetings in the absence of the Mayor. 

Council Meeting closed at 9.38pm.

Next Council Meeting is on Monday 17 July 2017.