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Local Law Permits

Our Local Law provides for the issue of permits, as well as provision for Council to set fees and charges, and enforcement and penalties. (Learn more about Local Laws and Legislation here).

Click here to apply for a General Local Law Permit Application.

Local Law Permits - Related to Footpath Occupation

Under Related information, you will find the application form for Footpath Occupation - use this for the following:

  • Permit Application Fee - $72.00
  • Inspection Fee (during business hours) - $135.00
  • Inspection Fee (out of hours) - $350.00
  • Occupation Rate (per square meter, per week) - $6.00
  • Reserved car- parking (per bay, per day) - $10.00

Footpath Trading Policy

Our Footpath Trading Policy is available under Related information. The objectives are:

  • To encourage footpath trading activities which contribute positively to the amenity, vibrancy and viability of commercial areas.
  • To maintain clear, safe and unobstructed access for pedestrians of all abilities on Banyule’s footpaths.
  • To provide clear guidance for the consideration of applications for permits made pursuant to Banyule City Council’s Local Law No.1 (General Local Law) or the Banyule Planning Scheme (as applicable), for the placement of items associated with footpath trading on footpaths in the municipality.

Local Law Permits - Related to Footpath Trading Policy

Under Related information, you will find the application form for Footpath Trading - use this for the following:

  • Display of A-frame (freestanding) advertising board on footpath (by shopkeeper) - $190.00 per year
  • Placement of chairs and tables on footpath, for outdoor eating (by hospitality business) - $210.00 per year
  • Display of Goods on footpath (by shopkeeper) - $260.00 per year
  • Itinerant Trader - $1460.00 per day
  • Miscellaneous Permit, per Event - $155.00 per application

Also under Related information, you will find the following application form for specific Local Law Permits:

  • Application to display real estate open for inspection and auction A-frame boards - $550.00 per year
  • Application to place a temporary advertising sign on council owned land (no permit fee), for the purpose of promoting a local educational, cultural, religious, social or recreational event that is not held for commercial purposes. Location of sign and definition of community group/charity group are described in the application form. Any signs placed without a permit will be removed. Please note that signs on school fences or private property fall within separate planning controls - contact us for more information
  • Application to hold a street stall or information booth. A street stall is defined as temporary placement of furniture such as a table and chair in a public place by local community and charitable groups, to raise funds without compromising the economic viability of local traders and in accordance with the guidelines of the Fundraising Appeals Act 1998. Site locations and definition of terms are described in the application form. Please note that electoral parties cannot apply using this form. A different form applies for holding a Sausage Sizzle (see below).
  • Application to hold a Sausage Sizzle. Similar requirements apply to holding a street stall, but permission must also be granted from Council's Health Department, before permit will be issued.
  • Charity Bin Application - $170.00 per year. Please note that only registered charitable organisations can apply for a permit. If any charity bin is placed on Council owned land without permission, we will seize and impound the bin.
  • Application to access a park/open space owned by Council.
  • Application for Works Out of Hours

Please note the requirements for holding Public Liability Insurance. Evidence of insurance needs to be provided with the permit application.

Local Law Permit - Busking

Click here to download the application form for Busking.

  • Busking Permit cost - $30

Local Law Permit - Burning Off - $150.00 per event

Our Local Law restricts the use of fire, and you must obtain a permit for burning off. Residents are not allowed to use incinerators or burn off in the open air unless they obtain a permit. Other restrictions may also apply, depending on where you live, and FAQs are provided under Related information.

We discourage the use of incinerators for burning of household waste. Unwanted materials should be composted, mulched, recycled or placed in garbage bins. If you have any questions about waste collection services, please visit our Waste Services: Rubbish and Recycling this page of our website or Contact Us.

Please do not undertake any of these activities until you have received your permit, as you will be in contravention of the Local Law.

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