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Environment Grants

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About the grants

The Banyule Environment Grants provide incentives to new or established local community, ‘friends’ and conservation groups, to develop various environmental programs and projects that benefit the Banyule community.

In December 2019, Council unanimously passed a Climate Action Package, recognising that urgent action is required to tackle climate change. As part of this more resources were allocated to the Banyule Environment Grants program. 

The new look grants will be open on 1st July 2019.  For more information on the grants and all environment news sign up to the Greenwrap, our monthly E-newsletter, delivered directly to your email. 


Grant Recipients for 2018

We congratulate all recipients and are looking forward to hearing about the project outcomes!

In 2018, $60,000 was available for approved projects as listed.

Environment Grants


Watsonia Occasional Childcare

Installation of a waste sorting system, a worm farm and a nude food week project.

The Seafood Revolution

A labelling and education program to promote ethical seafood choices at Restaurants and Cafes.

The Bundoora Scout Association

Installation of a 6.1Kw solar system to reduce bills and show leadership in environmental sustainability.

Watsonia Neighbourhood House

The continuation of the Sustainable Sundays events. Including workshops, repair café and food and clothes swap.

East Ivanhoe Preschool

Contribution to their education around water including a rain garden, hand pump and splash pond.

Rosanna Primary School

Installation of a three phase compost system to reduce the amount of food waste going to landfill.

Healthy Futures

A program to support champions in the healthcare industry to create more sustainable practice.

St John’s Riverside Community Garden

The installation of a Biofilta Foodwall to demonstrate how easy it is to grow food at home.

Olympic Adult Education

A Climate Change Reach Out program to provide information and resources for hard to reach sections of the community.

Chezhan Hall

A series of 5 inspirational waste education videos.

Apollo Parkways Preschool Centre

Installation of a hand pump on their water tank to teach water conservation.

The Banyule Sugar Glider Project

Using the health of the sugar glider as a guide to the overall health of an ecosystem, this project will map wildlife corridors, using this information to install nesting boxes where gaps exist.

Community Sustainability Workshops


Greenheart Australia

Waste Less for Life Workshops – creative ways to reduce household waste.

Watsonia Neighbourhood House

Developing training for neighbourhood houses on the importance of environmentally conscious practice to their community development objectives.

Textile Art Community

Ten workshops on how to recycle, reuse and repurpose in creative ways.

Banyule Clean Energy Group

Workshops teaching residents to read energy bills and sharing techniques to easily lower energy use.

Transition 3081

Practical skills building workshops on sustainable living.

Yarra Plenty Regional Library Service

A series of sustainable home and garden workshops at Banyule’s Libraries.


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