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The Local Government Act Review

The Local Government Act Review – Your Council Your Community

The Victorian Government is conducting the first comprehensive review of local government in a quarter of a century.

This review responds to calls from the local government sector for legislative reform after over 90 amending acts have resulted in hundreds of individual amendments to the Local Government Act 1989 (the Act) in the past 25 years.  The outcome of the review will result in a new Local Government Act likely to be proclaimed in 2018.

The review will consider all aspects of the Act, and will result in updated legislation that modernises the relationship between the state and local government sectors to better reflect essential roles and responsibilities.

The review will involve the release of various consultation papers and invitations for submissions over coming months.


Have your say - How you can get involved

If you are interested in being involved, you can register to take part in online forums at  There are specific forums for people involved in the sector and community members.  Register at the community hub to have your say.

The Victorian Government is inviting feedback from community members regarding the directions paper, and has provided an executive summary and fact sheets, as well as a 'Quick Poll Questionnaire' for completion. 


You can have your say in the following ways:

Online -

Via the online submission form at the Your Council Your Community website, or by uploading your completed submission form.

Email -

Email your completed quick poll questions to

Post -

Post your completed quick poll questions to:

Local Government Act Review Secretariat

c/- Local Government Victoria

PO Box 500