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Filming in Banyule

If you are filming within Banyule you must apply for a permit for the use of a public space. This ensures that your activity is conducted in accordance with the safety and amenity regulations of the council.

Listed below is the information we will need and documents you are required to complete.

What you will need

In order to apply for a filming permit we require the following details.

  • completed Filming Permit and Location Agreement
  • full contact details of all involved
  • running sheet
  • details of any pedestrian management, safety or traffic management plans
  • site plans
  • communication (stakeholder notification) plans
  • a copy of public liability insurance for the filming activity.

Completed documents can be emailed to: or faxed to (03) 9499 9475.

Please contact Municipal Laws on 9490 4222 for any further queries.

The following forms and guidelines are available:

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