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Banyule is home to a wide range of native wildlife including:

  • 224 species of native birds
  • 23 kinds of reptiles
  • 22 mammal species
  • 12 types of frogs
  • 9 species of native fish and an enormous number of invertebrates.

Some species such as the Noisy Miner, Australian Magpie, Red Wattlebird and the Common Brushtail Possum have adapted well to urbanisation and are commonly found in parks and gardens. Others, such as Latham's Snipe and the Eltham Copper Butterfly, have very specific requirements for survival and are only found in restricted areas of habitat.

We have produced an Indigenous Fauna Poster with details and sketches of 20 species.

Sick and injured wildlife

To report a sick or injured native animal please contact Wildlife Victoria on 1300 094 535 (24 hours)

Wildlife Corridor Program

Learn more about this program that aims to protect and enhance wildlife corridors in Banyule.


Definition of pest animals in Banyule, leading to more info on foxes, rabbits, Indian Mynas, magpies and other swooping birds

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