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Significant Tree Register

The Significant Trees and Vegetation Register lists individual trees, groups of trees and areas of vegetation in Banyule that have special significance. Any vegetation nominated for inclusion on the Significant Trees and Vegetation Register may be located on public or private land.

Criteria for inclusion on the register are:

  • Landscape – a tree or group of trees with outstanding aesthetic value or which frame or screen views, or act as a landmark.       
  • Size – Any tree of outstanding size in height, girth or canopy spread.      
  • Age – Any tree of an age that makes it old or venerable for its species variant.       
  • Botanical – A tree which is rarely found in the wild or in cultivation.       
  • Horticultural – Any tree which is of outstanding horticultural or genetic value, and which could be an important stock for future propagation.        
  • Historic – Any tree with a specific historic or commemorative association.       
  • Form – Any tree with an outstanding, unusual, abnormal or curious growth form.       
  • Remnant – Trees which survive from the pre-European era.       
  • Habitat – A tree or group of trees with outstanding value as habitat or niche for native flora and fauna.       
  • Aboriginal – A tree which has associations with aboriginal culture or heritage. 

Council regularly receives nominations for significant vegetation. Assessment of nominations occurs twice yearly and is conducted by qualified specialists.

Trees assessed as significant and included on the register are then offered protection in the Banyule Planning Scheme, if you have a significant tree on your property, you may need a planning permit to carryout works around or on the tree.

Table of Significant Vegetation, contains an up to date list of significant trees and vegetation.

For further information please contact Council’s Environment Officer on 9433 7724.

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