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Policy and Strategy

A pledge for the future

The Victorian Government has devised a climate change program, TAKE2, to help Victoria reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Its aim is to enable all Victorians, businesses, local councils, community, educational organisations and individuals to be part of Victoria’s action on climate change, and contribute to the first Victorian state-wide interim emissions reduction target for 2020.

The TAKE2 Pledge is in line with Council’s Plan Key Direction to: ‘Lead in planning for, and responding to, climate change’ and signing the TAKE2 pledge reinforces the leadership role that Council has already demonstrated in its new Energy Plan to work towards zero emissions.

On 14 November 2016, Council passed a resolution to sign the TAKE2 Pledge


Environmental Sustainability Policy and Strategy

Our Environmental Sustainability Policy and Strategy can be found in the Planet section of our Council Plan and outlines the framework for Council and the community to work together towards a more sustainable future. It recognises the intrinsic value of the natural environment and the ecosystem services it provides for us, such as clean air. It aims to protect our city’s unique natural assets and quality of life whilst planning and providing for the needs of individuals and communities now and in the future.

What does council do in the field of environmental sustainability and why do we do it? This policy and strategy document respectively provides our rationale for doing what we do and outlines the strategic approach for ‘how’ we will achieve our key goals.

Council’s 5 key environmental sustainability goals are:

  • Protect and enhance our natural environment
  • Conserve water and improve stormwater management
  • Lead in planning for, and responding to, climate change
  • Avoid waste generation
  • Be environmental stewards

Download a copy of the Council Plan 2017-2021 to refer to all the details.

You can also view a hard copy at our Customer Service Centres at Ivanhoe, Greensborough and Rosanna as well as at our libraries in Ivanhoe, Rosanna and Watsonia.

Additional policies and strategies

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