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Greenwrap - Spring Edition

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Welcome to spring

The wattle is out, proving that the Indigenous seasons are probably more accurate than our adopted northern hemisphere alternatives. They say that mid-July to the start of September is Pre Spring, when flowers begin to show and the birds begin nesting. Spring in Banyule brings the Spring Outdoors Program of events, as well as Malahang festival in November and our beautiful parks, gardens and bushlands will be in bloom. Look out for the white flowered clematis which will have started its climb to the canopy and see if you can spot some near threatened orchids like the Emerald-lip Greenhood, of which Banyule has some of the only populations in Metropolitan Melbourne.

As always contact us for any more information at

Spring Community Events in Banyule


1 September (Sat)

Transition 3081 Olympic Village vegie swap - 10am-11am - Olympic Village, Heidelberg West. For more info find them on Facebook

8 September (Sat) 

Friends of Montmorency Bushlands Planting Day - 10am -12noon – Rattray Reserve, Montmorency. Enquiries via Pam at 0417 110 837

Warringal Conservation Society Twilight Walk @ Banyule Flats - 5.30pm-9.30pm.

Australian Plants Expo - 10am-4pm - Eltham Community & Reception Centre,  801 Main Road, Eltham. Entry $5 Adults, $4 Concession.

9 September (Sun)

Sustainable Watsonia Food Swap & Talk, "Planting a spring garden" - Food swap 11am, talk 12pm - Watsonia Neighbourhood House, 47 Lambourne Road, Watsonia

Warringal Conservation Society, Infill planting at Tawny Pond - 10am -12 noon - Somerset Drive Car Park, Viewbank.

Australian Plants Expo - 10am-4pm - Eltham Community & Reception Centre,  801 Main Road, Eltham. Entry $5 Adults, $4 Concession.

15 September (Sat)

Friends of Salt Creek and Associated Parklands Planting Day - 10am -12 noon - Rosanna Parklands, Northern Grasslands. More info contact 

16 September (Sun)

Friends of Wilson Reserve Community Working Bee - 10am -12 noon - various locations within Wilson Reserve, Ivanhoe East.

St Johns Riverside Community Garden get-together - From 11.30am. For more info find them on Facebook

Sustainable Macleod Vegie Swap - 11am -12 noon - Macleod Park, Aberdeen Road, Macleod.

Friends of Darebin Creek working bee - 10am - 12 noon - Southern Road Wetland, Heidelberg West.

30 September (Sun)

Transition 3081 Heidelberg Heights monthly BBQ picnic gathering 4-5pm - Johnston Reserve, Heidelberg Heights. For more info find them on Facebook


6 October (Sat) 

Friends of Montmorency Bushlands hand weeding - 10am -12 noon – Belmont Reserve, Montmorency. Enquiries via Pam at 0417 110 837

Transition 3081 Vegie Swap - 10-11am - Olympic Village, Heidelberg West. For more info find them on Facebook

7 October (Sun)

Sustainable Watsonia food swap & talk, "Quick Composting" - Food swap 11am, Talk 12pm - Watsonia Neighbourhood House, 47 Lambourn Road, Watsonia 

21 October (Sun)

Friends of Wilson Reserve Community Working Bee - 10am -12 noon - various locations within Wilson Reserve, Ivanhoe East.

Friends of Salt Creek and Associated Parklands hand weeding - 10am -12 noon - Davis Street Wetland, Rosanna Parklands. More info contact 

St Johns Riverside Community Garden get-together from 11.30am. For more info find them on Facebook

Sustainable Macleod Vegie Swap 11-12 noon - Macleod Park, Aberdeen Road, Macleod.

28 October (Sun)

Transition 3081 Heidelberg Heights monthly BBQ picnic gathering 4-5pm - Johnston Reserve, Heidelberg Heights. For more info find them on Facebook


3 November (Sat)

Transition 3081 Vegie Swap 10-11am - Olympic Village, Heidelberg West. For more info find them on Facebook 

10 November (Sat) 

Friends of Montmorency Bushlands hand weeding - 10-12 noon – Pecks Dam Reserve, Montmorency. Enquiries via Pam at 0417 110 837

12 November (Mon)

Free energy workshop for older residents - 11am - 12.30pm - Council Offices, Hawdon and Olympia Community Meeting Rooms, Level 4, 1 Flintoff St, Greensborough. Book your spot now or call 9490 4222

17 November (Sat) 

Friends of Salt Creek and Associated Parklands hand weeding - 10am - 12 noon - Rosanna Parklands, BMX triangle and Entrance Plot. More info contact  

18 November (Sun)

Malahang Festival - 11am - 5pm - Malahang Reserve, Southern Road, Heidelberg West

Home Compost Doctors in 3081 present a worm farm and Bokashi demonstration

Friends of Wilson Reserve Community Working Bee - 10am -12 noon - various locations within Wilson Reserve, Ivanhoe East.

St Johns Riverside Community Garden get-together - From 8.30am. For more info find them on Facebook

Sustainable Macleod Vegie Swap - 11am -12 noon - Macleod Park, Aberdeen Road, Macleod.

25 November (Sun)

Transition 3081 Heidelberg Heights monthly BBQ picnic gathering 4-5pm - Johnston Reserve, Heidelberg Heights. For more info find them on Facebook 

Banyule's Eltham Copper Butterfly Larvae Counts

The Eltham Copper Butterfly (Paralucia pyrodiscus lucida) is listed as an endangered species under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act. It is endemic to Victoria and only found in a few locations in Eltham and Greensborough, Castlemaine and Bendigo, and in the Kiata and Salisbury area. We are lucky to have one reserve in the City of Banyule that supports a colony of Eltham Copper Butterfly – Andrew Yandell Habitat Reserve.

The Bushland Management team conducts annual caterpillar counts in October to monitor the health of the population in the reserve.  As the caterpillars are nocturnal, crew members and community volunteers search the Bursaria at night with torches for the ants and the caterpillars and then record the number found. The information collected during these counts is integral to planning future works to help provide better habitat for the Eltham Copper Butterfly.

The counts are happening on Tuesday and Thursday nights throughout October starting at 8.30pm. Book your spot to help out and get in touch with Megan ( if you've got some questions.

Spring Outdoors 2018 Program out now

September brings the start of the annual Spring Outdoors program! A collaboration between Banyule and Mannigham City Councils there are well over 50 events to choose from, something for everyone. The most popular event every year is Breakfast with the Birds. Held at the Old Shire Offices in Banyule Flats the event is run in partnership with Birdlife Australia and involves a bird spotting walk and a bird count with breakfast provided.

Details of all other events can be found in the Spring Outdoors Festival program. Pick one of the guides up from a local service center, library or community center.

Victoria's Biodiversity Atlas App - VBA Go

VBA Go is the new mobile tool that links directly to the Victorian Biodiversity Atlas (VBA), making it easier than ever for environmental managers, researchers, students and all community members to share records of Victoria’s native species while out and about.

All your data feeds into the VBA and is used to inform the statewide biodiversity plan, Protecting Victoria’s Environment – Biodiversity 2037's, new decision support tools which use a landscape approach to integrate biodiversity information. This will help both inform the actions and target setting as well as help to measure the success or otherwise so we can adapt.

Sign up to the Victorian Biodiversity Atlas to get started.

Save the date!

Malahang Community Festival is a free and family-friendly event celebrating the local community. It’s a fun, exciting and safe day for the whole family with music, games, competitions, stalls, food and information. Join thousands of others who come to celebrate a day long festival, accessible to people from all walks of life.

Free Household Energy Audits

Banyule Council has partnered with Positive Charge this year to deliver free home energy audits. Using the Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard tool, an accredited assessor will visit your home to conduct a thorough on-site assessment. They will collect data covering: construction materials, your hot water system, heating, cooling, lighting and any renewable energy sources.

At the end of the assessment, the assessor will talk with you about your home’s star rating and show you your Scorecard certificate. The certificate will also be sent to you later, after quality checks have been completed.

Your certificate:

  • shows your home’s star rating out of 10
  • rates various elements of your home, such as the building itself and major appliances
  • rates the performance of your home in hot weather
  • provides practical options to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Apply by visiting the Positive Charge site and for more information.

National Bird Week 22nd-28th October 2018

National Bird week is coming up between 22nd and 28th October and that means it’s time for the Aussie Backyard Bird Count.

All you need is 20 minutes spent in your favourite outdoor space (it doesn’t have to be your backyard), and some keen eyesight. You don’t have to be an expert, you can just put into the app what size, colour and shape the bird is and it will give you suggestions with photos.

You’ll get to know your feathered friends and be contributing to a vital pool of information from across the nation.

Get involved by using the Aussie Backyard Bird Count app.

Banyule's significant trees inspire

Sig Tree Exhibition Install photo.jpg

For I have learned to look on nature exhibition

Portraits of Urban Trees by Fran Lee

Poetry by Poets@Watsonia and soundscapes by Vincent Giles

These words by William Wordsworth, from his poem Tintern Abbey (1798), are inspiration for local artist Fran Lee, as she paints her wonderful tree portraits.  The exhibition, which takes its title from this poem, features paintings of some of the significant trees of Banyule.  The works honour their delicate beauty and their monumental forms, and removes them from their normal context so we can focus on them as individuals. 

They are all eucalypts – yet they are all different species.  Thus, they are all the same - yet different – like us.  Some of these trees are hundreds of years old and this exhibition celebrates their deeply important role in our environment which often goes unseen. 

The exhibition will also celebrate the poetry and music of trees by creating an immersive experience in the gallery space with accompanying poems by Poets@Watsonia, and soundscapes created by local composer and musician, Vincent Giles. 

As part of the exhibition program, there will be opportunities to contribute your own writings, musings, or photos about trees that are significant to you; or find out more about Banyule’s significant trees and explore what you can do in your local area to provide support and increased visibility for these, the oldest living beings in our community.

Exhibition Details

9 August – 22 September 
Hatch Contemporary Arts Space, 14 Ivanhoe Parade, Ivanhoe 
Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-5pm

Arty Farty fish find their home

This year at Arty Farty the kids and the kids at heart, helped St John Community Garden to add a splash of colour to their fence. Artist Felicity Gordon brought along some cut out some wooden fish and river creatures who call the Yarra River home and during the festival anyone could come through and paint the fish however they liked. Lucky for St Johns Riverside Community Garden, we have some exceptionally creative people in Banyule and the creatures look spectacular on the fence. Thanks to everyone who took part. The fish are proudly displayed at 1 Burgundy street Heidelberg, next to the Tennis courts, if you want to go and have a look. 

Community Leaders in Sustainability

Do you have a great idea for a community sustainability program, product or initiative but are unsure how to get it off the ground? Do you want to know how to use social media to your advantage? Do you want to meet like minded Banyulians and work together to make a difference in your community?

Well, stay tuned, as Banyule City Council will soon be recruiting for it's free Community Leaders in Sustianability Course.

This 8-10 week program will build your skills and capacity to lead environmental action in your community. It will cover a range of topics including connection to the environment, project management, social change and leadership, grant writing, marketing and communication, building partnerships and effective group work.

To register your interest or find out more email or take a look through the information sheet.

Bush Crew Diaries

Yarra 2

We have seen an abundance of Flickweed, (Cardamine hirsuta) growing in our high quality remnant reserves this season. The name Flickweed refers to the plants mechanism for seed dispersal. When seeds are ripe, any movement of the plant can cause the seed pods to explode, flicking the seeds away from the parent plant, in some cases at a distance of three metres. Flickweed is successful due to its short growing period, under favourable conditions germination to seed set can occur within 5 weeks. One plant has the ability to produce thousands of seed. We have been delicately hand weeding Flickweed around a number of our orchid species and spraying the weed in more degraded areas along fence lines. Flickweed  also known as Common Bittercress is native to the Northern Hemisphere, is an annual herb to 35cm with white flowers. 

Darebin Creek 

The Darebin Creek bushland team has been very busy over winter maintaining large areas of the Banyule Northern Grasslands Reserve in Heidelberg West. An ecological burn of 1 hectare of the 6 hectare reserve was conducted on the 1st May 2018. The intention of this burn was to reduce the cover of Phalaris (an invasive grassy weed) and to stimulate the growth and germination of locally indigenous grasses and herb species. The burn was completed as planned, thanks to the assistance of all 12 members of the bushland management team!

The rangers were pleased to find a much greater than expected cover of Themeda (Kangaroo Grass), Poa (Tussock Grass) and Dianella amoena (Matted Flax-lily, an endangered species). This has required careful management with the use of herbicides to eliminate reshooting perennial grasses (such as Phalaris and Chilean Needle Grass) without impacting on indigenous species. With ongoing management of the site, it is hoped an increase in diversity of indigenous flora will result in improved habitat value for a range of fauna which uses the grasslands as part of the wildlife corridor along the Darebin Creek.

There has been a fantastic turn out to volunteer events from the Friends of Darebin Creek this planting season. Roughly 340 shrubs and trees were planted alongside the creek to bulk up the wildlife corridor at the Banyule Northern Grasslands Reserve. This was followed by around 750 shrubs and ground covers to help diversify and beautify the revegetation beds around Olympic Park in Heidelberg West. Banyule’s final planting of the year with the Friends of Darebin Creek will be on Sunday 16th of September from 10am to 12pm at Southern Road Wetland in Heidelberg West.

Plenty River 

Throughout the year the Plenty River Bushland Unit recieves a huge helping hand from the Friends of Plenty River and the Friends of Anthony Beale Bushland Reserve. These volunteer groups have played a crucial role in weed eradication and revegetation of native species along the Plenty River. Over the years thousands of plants have been put in the ground and much native habitat restored thanks to the tireless efforts of both of these groups.

The Friends of Plenty River run every second Sunday of the month. This enthusiastic bunch have played a huge part in the revegetation projects along the stretch of river in the Yallambie area. The Friends of Anthony Beale meet every fourth Sunday of the month. Together with the Bushcrew they have enhanced the remnant area of Anthony Beale Reserve by means of burning, planting and building nest boxes to compensate for the lack of natural hollows in the area.

Joining a local Friends group is a fantastic way to learn about the environment we live in and have a positive impact on our native wildlife corridors.

Voting Now Open

Pick my Project is a State Government initiative offering $30 million for community projects in 8 categories.


There are some fantastic projects up for grants so go online and put in your postcode to see the projects happening in your area, then simply vote for the ones you believe will bring the most benefit to Banyule.

Two examples of projects in Banyule are;

Solar Panels for a Leading Banyule Disability Provider (IDV)

Banyule Clean Energy Group, a volunteer community group, will organise installation of solar panels for IDV who are a leading Banyule Disability Service Provider (established in 1954), catering for adults with intellectual disabilities. This worthy project will reduce energy bills for IDV by more than 50% annually which will save them at least $10,000 per year. This will also contribute to Banyule Clean Energy Group's goal of reducing carbon emissions in Banyule by 50% by 2023. Workshops will be held bimonthly to explain the benefits of solar panels. 

The Banyule Sugar Glider Project

Sugar gilders need help. With increasing urban development, the unseen corridors they live and travel in are disappearing. This project invites residents to become stewards for wild life. They can join a monitoring group or host a 'nest box' tree home for gliders in their garden. There are 300 new nest boxes to be placed. Imagine seeing sugar gilders emerge from their home at dusk, gliding past you to their supper. 
Monitors will connect with like-minded others in a biannual audit of gliders in boxes. Furthermore, they will know that their findings will help inform a dynamic corridor development strategy.

How to vote - Registration is easy! 

  1. Register with Pick My Project
  2. Enter your address or postcode.
  3. Go to 'browse projects' at the bottom of the page and projects in your area will come up. Choose 3 - they all have equal weight so order does not matter. You must vote for 3 different projects in the one area.
    Voting is open till 5pm on 17 September.Anyone above 16 can vote so share the news!

Unleashing Day 28th October - Save the date

Do you have a skill you would like to offer for the Sustainable Watsonia Unleashing day on October 28th in the fix it space? If you would like to be part of the day call the the office on 9434 6717 between 9am - 3pm Mon-Fri to let them know what skills you can offer. The mission is to reduce waste to landfill by reducing consumption by showing people that it’s possible to reuse and fix items that are broken, damaged or just need an upgrade. 

Any ideas are welcome including; darning, hemming, gardening, computer repair, carpentry, metal work, knife sharpening and bike repair. 

You can also email Sophie Miller with any questions or ideas at

Do you need help with home composting? 

Supported by the 2017 Banyule Environment Grant, the Home Compost Doctors in area 3081 can help you decide on which composting system will work best for you and offer you support and advice as you set it up. If you live in 3081 or surrounds and want to get involved contact the team at or 0421 654 934. 

As always, if you would like your community event to be included in the quarterly Greenwrap newsletter, email