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Climate Change Action

We are committed to acting on climate change by reducing Council’s energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and associated operating costs.

A key direction in Banyule’s City Plan 2013-2017 and Energy Saving Plan is to take appropriate action on climate change by achieving carbon neutrality by 2019/20. Council’s main energy uses and emission sources are streetlights, buildings and vehicle fleet.

Our climate change initiatives include:

  • A $4.7 million investment in energy efficient streetlights. 
  • WaterMarc, our regional aquatic and leisure centre in Greensborough, has been designed and built with many energy efficiency measures including a cogeneration plant.
  • Roll out of a solar PV (Photovoltaic) program on Council buildings to generate clean, green electricity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Vehicle fleet improvement including hybrid vehicles, a fully electric vehicle and encouraging Council staff to use public transport.

You can learn more about these initiatives by following the links under Related information.


Street Lights and Greenpower

8,000 streetlights across Banyule get an energy efficiency upgrade which reduces their energy consumption by up to 67% and Council purchases 10% Greenpower for streetlights

Energy efficiency measures at WaterMarc

A natural gas fired onsite cogeneration unit generates baseload electricity and captures waste heat used for heating pool water. A 94kW solar PV (Photvoltaic) system will commence operation in March 2017 and provide clean, green electricity to Watermarc.

Solar PV on Council Buildings

Council has already installed 80kW of solar systems (Olympic Leisure Centre, Meals on Wheels, Bundoora Hall etc) and will be installing another 450kW over the next 2 years. This includes 194kW at Watermarc/1 Flintoff, 80kW at the Operations Centre, 75kW at Ivanhoe Aquatic Centre and 35kW at Nets Stadium in Montmorency, as well as smaller systems at sports pavilions, child care centres, community halls, senior citizen centres and pre-schools.

Solar Hot Water

Five Council buildings powered by green technology to save on energy bills include Centre Ivanhoe, Olympic Leisure Centre, Ivanhoe Aquatic Centre, Watermarc and the Rosanna offices. These energy efficient natural gas boosted solar units replace older inefficient electric or gas only hot water systems and supply hot water to kitchens, showers and swimming pools.

photo solar hot water Hugh Sheridan WaterMarc 20140120.jpg

 Watermarc solar hot water systems

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