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Climate Change Action

Climate Change is important for Banyule City Council and on the 10 December 2018 our Councillors unanimously passed a resolution recognising that urgent action is required across all three levels of government to tackle climate change. We are taking a strong leadership role on behalf of our local community and have established a target of achieving carbon neutrality by 2028. 

 Specifically, Council has endorsed the following Climate Action Package;

  • Additional Solar PV across Council buildings and facilities in the 2017/18 and 2018/19 budgets
  • Energy efficiency enhancements (i.e. double glazing, insulation, etc.) across Council owned buildings
  • Increased fleet efficiency (i.e. electric vehicles and bikes)
  • The creation of 10 ‘Green Collar’ internships for the next three years in partnership with other agencies
  • Businesses case(s) on long-term abatement initiatives (i.e. a solar farm, wind farm, energy retailing, PPAs, street lights on major roads)
  • An increase to the Environment Grants funds allocation over the next two years.
  • A Climate Mitigation Strategy using the C40 framework (International climate action planning framework for cities)

You can access the resolution under related content. You can also view our annual State of the Environment Report for 2017/18 which details our performance as it relates to the Planet section of our Council Plan.

We are now beginning the analysis work required to identify a pathway to achieving carbon neutrality. This work will be available for viewing late 2019 in a form of a Emissions Reduction Plan. In the meantime, the previous Energy Savings Plan can be viewed in related documents. 

For more information please contact us at or sign up to our environmental E-newsletter Greenwrap.

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