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Environment and Sustainability

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Banyule has intrinsically valuable natural and built features. Our open space - bushland, riparian areas and parklands - supports a diversity of plants and wildlife such as the threatened Eltham Copper Butterfly, while residential areas provide key corridors and habitat for wildlife.

Our energetic and committed Environment Team aims to deliver great initiatives while maintaining healthy relationships between the community and the environment in the ongoing process of achieving environmental sustainability.

The Wildlife Corridor Program, Sustainable Homes and Communities Program, ReThink Centre, Waterwatch and Climate Change Programs are examples of the many projects currently being undertaken.

To receive update on environmental related news, please register for our E-Newsletter, Green Wrap here.

For further details about current projects, other council activities and how you can become involved, navigate using the tabs below.

Get involved

Introduction on how to get involved in Banyule’s environment and sustainability programs, or join an environmental group.

Climate Change Action

Overview of our policies and actions on climate change and reducing emissions.

Positive Charge

Positive Charge is a community service backed by local councils, including Banyule. The program provides advice on energy efficiency and reduction initiatives which you can adopt in your home.

Reporting Pollution

Contact EPA Pollution Watch Line to report pollution


Overview of our water policies including conservation, stormwater quality and education.


Information on native wildlife in Banyule, including birds, reptiles, mammals, frogs and fish.

Trees and Plants

Links to information on vegetation protection, tree removal, and the Significant tree register.

Spring Outdoors

A regional program of environmental events brought to you by Banyule City Council, Manningham City Council and Nillumbik Shire Council.

Policy and Strategy

Information about our policies and strategies relating to environment and sustainability

Publications and Reports

Environment and sustainability publications created by the environment and sustainability team, with information specific to Banyule residents.

Greenwrap - Spring Edition

Banyule's environmental newsletter.

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