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Council Advisory Committees

Annually Council appoints Councillor delegates to the Council Advisory Committees and Committees.

Advisory Committees are made up of Councillors and community members. They have terms of reference and meet to discuss issues and advise Council.

In addition to Advisory committees, Council is often invited to participate on a range of external committees in partnership.

Both advisory and external committees provide important linkages between Council, Community and State agencies and interest groups.

Council Committees & Representatives

Banyule Advisory Committees

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee
  • Arts and Cultural Advisory Group
  • Audit Advisory Committee
  • Banyule Age-friendly City Advisory Committee (BAFCAC)
  • Banyule Environment Advisory Committee (BEAC)
  • Banyule Multicultural Advisory Committee (BMAC)
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Employment Matters Committee
  • Disability and Inclusion Advisory Committee
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) Advisory Committee
  • Child Youth & Family Committee 

External Committees

  • Darebin Creek Management Committee
  • Metropolitan Transport Forum (MTF)
  • Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group (MWRRG)
  • Napier Waller Property Committee of Management
  • Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action (NAGA)
  • Yarra Plenty Regional Library Board
  • Yarra Plenty Regional Library Audit Committee 

Municipal Association of Victoria – Committees, State Council (MAV)

  • MAV State Council – Representatives 

Councillor Portfolios

 On the 5 June 2017, Council adopted the Councillor Portfolio Policy.

The main objectives of Portfolio Councillors is to:

  • To enable Councillors to advocate and “Champion” the strategic and policy issues to Council and the community.
  • To assist in the briefing of other Councillors on specialist areas by the Portfolio Councillor.
  • To assist Councillors develop the best possible understanding of matters being put to the Council, through the Portfolio Councillor leading discussion of relevant items.

The role of the Portfolio Councillor is based on the four Directorate areas of Council.

Portfolio Areas


Assets & City Services

Councillor Craig Langdon

City Development

Councillor Wayne Phillips

Community Programs

Councillor Alison Champion

Corporate Services

Councillor Rick Garotti


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