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Council Meeting Agenda, Minutes & Audio Recording

Agendas are made available on the Wednesday prior to the Council Meeting at midday.

Council Meeting Minutes are typically available on the Thursday following the Council Meeting from midday.

Agendas and Minutes from Council Meetings that have already taken place can be found within the archive.

Council Meeting 20 May 2019




Attachments Under Separate Cover


Agenda Items:

3.1.. Social Enterprise & Local Jobs Progress Update

3.2.. Advisory Committees Report

4.1.. Living Melbourne: Our Metropolitan Urban Forest Strategy

4.2.. Submission: Inquiry into Recycling and Waste Management

5.1.. 11&11A Porter Street, Montmorency (Briar Valley Reserve) - Proposed Granting of Easement

5.2.. North East Link - Environmental Effects Statement Submission

5.3.. Banyule Business Grants Pilot Program

7.1.. Quarterly Financial Management Report - For the period ended 31 March 2019

7.2.. Proposed Council Plan and Budget - Consideration of Submissions Received

7.3.. Update of Delegations

7.4.. Assembly of Councillors

7.5.. Audit & Risk Advisory Committee Minutes - 15 March 2019

9.1.. Statutory Timeframes for Deciding on Planning Permit Applications