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Council Meeting Agenda, Minutes & Audio Recording

Agendas are made available on the Friday prior to the Council Meeting at midday.

Council Meeting Minutes are typically available on the Thursday following the Council Meeting from midday.

Agendas and Minutes from Council Meetings that have already taken place can be found within the archive.

Ordinary Council Meeting

Meeting date: Monday, 28 November 2016 



Agenda summary

1. Urgent Business


2. Petitions

2.1 Hillside Road, Rosanna - Proposed additional connection across the rail corridor

3. People – Community Strengthening and Support


4Planet – Environmental Sustainability


5Place – Sustainable Amenity and Built Environment


6Participation – Community Involvement in Community Life


7Performance - Use Our Resources Wisely

7.1 Re-appointment of Independent Representative and Chairperson of the Audit Advisory Committee

7.2 Quarterly Financial Management Report - 30 September 2016

7.3 Assembly of Councillors

7.4 Proposed Rezoning of Barclay Park, Greensborough

8. Sealing of Documents


9Notices of Motion


10. General Business

Closure of Meeting

Listen to the Council Meeting

If you missed the last Council Meeting, you can listen to it by using the audio player below or click on the individual Agenda items to start listening from that point onwards.

  • Public forum (0:00:00)
  • Item 2.1 (0:45:01)
  • Item 7.1 (0:52:47)
  • Item 7.2 (0:54:15)
  • Item 7.3 (1:03:27)
  • Item 7.4 (1:03:50)
  • General business (1:28:29)
  • Close (1:33:29)