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Independent Audit & Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee is an advisory committee formally appointed by the Council and is responsible to the Council. The Audit and Risk Committee does not have executive powers or authority to implement actions in areas over which management has responsibility and does not have any delegated financial responsibility.


The objectives of the Audit and Risk Committee are to oversee:

  • develop an understanding of the broad range of activities delivery by Banyule City Council
  • the integrity of external financial reporting, including accounting policies
  • the scope of work, objectivity, performance and independence of the external and internal auditors
  • the establishment, effectiveness and maintenance of controls and systems to safeguard council’s financial, physical and intellectual property resources
  • City management’s implementation of processes and systems which protect the council against cyber threats.
  • City management’s implementation of systems or procedures that are designed to ensure that the council complies with relevant statutory and regulatory requirements
  • the process for recognising risks arising from the council’s operations and strategies, and consider the adequacy of measures taken to manage those risks
  • City management’s monitoring of data and systems which actively protect the council against operational risks, as well as fraud and irregularities.
  • to support improvements in the quality and objectivity of internal and external financial and performance reporting;
  • to ensure the Council makes informed decisions regarding accounting policies, practices, disclosures and complies with legislation and regulations;
  • to review the scope and outcome of internal and external audits, noting that the scope of external audits is decided by VAGO; and
  • to ensure effective management and strong internal controls are identified and operational to protect the operations and assets of the municipality;
  • to add value to the Council's operations;
  • to ensure sound and timely communication occurs between internal and external audit and with management;
  • to oversee the effectiveness of Council’s implementation of policies and strategies for rating and assets. 

Committee Members

Get Involved

Council seeks Expressions of Interest for the position of Independent Member of its Audit and Risk Advisory Committee for a three-year term.

Representation and Make-up

The Audit and Risk Committee will consist of:
1. Two Councillors at least
2. Two suitably qualified Independent Representatives.
The Committee will consist of at least four members, The Council will appoint the Committee members and the Committee Chair.
Each Committee member should have the skills, knowledge and experience to fulfil the responsibilities under this charter including, but not limited to, Accounting, Business processes, Information and Technology qualifications, local government experience. An understanding of risk assessment and risk management in practice is also desirable.
The chair of the audit committee must be independent.
The Committee is authorised to appoint an Acting Chair when required.
The Council will review its two Councillor Representatives on an annual basis and its two Independent Representatives at the expiration of their appointed term, which will not exceed a maximum of three years.


Please refer to the Committee's Charter under Related Information on this page.

Interested persons should forward their Expressions of Interest, together with a Resume, stating relevant experience and qualifications via email to

Enquiries:  Tiziana McKenzie, Executive Assistant – Director Corporate Services on 9490 4396.