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Child, Youth and Family Committee

The Child, Youth and Family committee is an external partnership and will provide advice to a range of organisations providing services for children and young people, including Council. While not a formal advisory committee to Council, it will oversee and monitor Banyule’s Child, Youth and Family Plan, which will include providing advice in relation to key initiatives and activities, facilitating information sharing, and participating in discussions in relation to community priorities.


Key Objective

  • The priority of the committee is to work in partnership with stakeholders, including children, young people, families and professionals, and foster a collaborative approach to the delivery of the Banyule Child, Youth and Family Plan.

Additional Objectives

  • Provide feedback and advice to key stakeholders, including Council, state government and non-government organisations, on its policies, plans and services that impact children, young people and their families.
  • Consider and provide advice on key Government initiatives, programs and reviews that impact children, young people and their families.
  • Advocate on behalf of children, young people and their families.
  • Consider funding and other opportunities as they may arise.
  • Assist stakeholders to promote the benefits of social and economic investment in children and young people within the Banyule municipality and beyond.
  • Provide advice to stakeholders in relation to their communication, engagement and consultation with children, young people and their families.
  • Promote recognition and enhance understanding about children, young people and their families, and the barriers to optimal health, development and wellbeing.

Committee Members

Get involved

We're currently looking for committee members. Just follow the listed steps to be considered.

  1. Read the full terms of reference and
  2. Lodge your expressions of interest by 30 November 2016.

Representation and make up

The committee will consist of up to 15 community members and a minimum of 2 councillors. Support and assistance will be provided to the committee by one of our officers.

Council will appoint one councillor as chairperson of the committee and at least one councillor as substitute chairperson.

Community members appointed to the committee will include representation from:

  • residents (up to 5 representatives)
  • community organisations, agencies and service providers who have a focus on provision of services to children, young people and their families in Banyule 
    (up to 8 representatives)
  • community groups who are actively engaged with children, young people and their families (up to 8 representatives)

All positions are voluntary positions.


Send an email to Sherryn Prinzi or call 9457 9908.