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Banyule Arts and Culture Advisory Committee

The Banyule Arts and Culture Advisory Committee (BACAC) takes an active role in supporting the strategic direction of arts and cultural development within Banyule. It provides a formal mechanism for Council to consult with key stakeholders, seek specialist advice and enable community participation in arts and cultural planning and development. 

Key Objectives

  • Provide feedback and advice to Council on its policies, plans and initiatives relating to arts, culture & heritage - including the development and implementation of the Arts & Culture Strategic Plan 2017-2021 .
  • Assist in identifying and responding to key issues relating to arts, culture & heritage in Banyule.
  • Advocate for arts and cultural development within the community.
  • Assist Council to work strategically to encourage, foster value and promote arts, culture and heritage.

BACAC operates according to an adopted Terms of Reference and is appointed for a two year term, with meetings held bimonthly. The current term expires in December 2020.

Working Groups

BACAC is an overarching strategic committee, from which various working groups may be formed. Working groups function at an operational level - contributing directly to the planning, management and delivery of the arts, culture and heritage program.

 The Working Groups are at varying stages of development and may include:

  • Hatch Contemporary Arts Space Working Group
  • Festivals Working Groups 
  • Art Collection Working Group
  • Policy and strategy Working Group
  • Pinpoint Artist Network Working Group

Committee Membership

The committee consists of up to 15 community members and a minimum of 2 Councillors. Support and assistance will be provided to the committee by one of our officers. A Councillor is appointed as chairperson of the committee.

Community members appointed to the committee will include representation from:

  • Representatives of arts & cultural organisations within and outside of Banyule
  • Practicing artists
  • Creative Industries professionals or those with specialist skills and expertise relevant to Banyule's arts & cultural development.

 All positions are voluntary positions.



Questions? Help?

Get in touch with the committee contact Hannes Berger, by emailing or calling 9457 9913.