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Completing the Ring Road - North East Link Advocacy

Council has long recognised the need to complete the Metropolitan Ring Road, also known as the North East Link, as a direct orbital link from the Metropolitan Ring Road to Eastlink at Ringwood. Advocacy for this route is a key action within Council’s Banyule Integrated Transport Plan.

Banyule’s arterial road network, including Rosanna Road and Greensborough Highway is used as a link for freight and commuter traffic between the northern and western suburbs and the south eastern suburbs. Rosanna Road and Greensborough Highway experience high levels of congestion, impacting on road safety and amenity of surrounding residents. The completion of the Metropolitan Ring Road would connect the freight centres around Dandenong and the agricultural centres in Gippsland with the Hume Freeway and other interstate corridors.

Completion of the Metropolitan Ring Road will have significant positive impacts and improve safety on roads in Banyule, particularly Rosanna Road and Greensborough Highway, which carry a disproportionately high volume of commuter and truck traffic.

Currently, all options for the completion of the Metropolitan Ring Road are on the table and Council will advocate for an orbital solution from the end of the Greensborough Bypass to Eastlink, east of Ringwood.

Council will advocate to be actively involved in the work of the North East Link Authority to get the best outcome for Banyule and its community.

More information will be provided on this page as it becomes available. 

Watch the North East Link Transport Forum

On Tuesday 6 September 2017, Banyule Council held a North East Link Corridor Options Community Forum at The Centre Ivanhoe to hear and talk about the four corridor options that the North East Link Authority has proposed for the new North East Link. The event was streamed live on Facebook and we now have the video available on YouTube. Hear all the questions from the public and what the North East Link Authority and Banyule Mayor Cr Tom Melican had to say.

The North East Link Project Action Plan

In July 2016, Council sought expressions of interest from residents and community members to join a community focus group, comprising 10 community members and councillors, to guide Council in developing the North East Link Project Action Plan, which was adopted by Council in April 2017, with four main goals:

  1. Jointly advocating for the completion of the Metropolitan Ring Road as an orbital link.
  2. Facilitating and encouraging discussion on potential alignments for completing the Metropolitan Ring Road.
  3. Determining the future of Rosanna Road.
  4. Promoting the Action Plan.

History of the North East Link

 Year Activity 


Metropolitan Ring Road completed to the Greensborough Highway


Eastlink, from Frankston to Ringwood completed


Plan Melbourne releases a map showing the North East Link connecting the M80 to EastLink via Banyule 


The Banyule Integrated Transport Plan, which supports and orbital link, is released


Infrastructure Victoria releases the Victorian Infrastructure Strategy recommending construction of the North East Link within 10 to 15 years, with a first step recommending a detailed assessment of alternative alignments 

December  2016

Victorian Government commits $35m to put together a business case for completing the Metropolitan Ring Road and establishing the North East Link Authority to oversee the project. The authority will put together the business case for the completion of the Metropolitan Ring Road, including route selection, planning approval and tendering. This work is expected to be complete by October 2018.



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