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Facts and Statistics

Find important information and data about Banyule.

We use local information and data together with census data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics to plan and deliver services that meet the changing needs of our community.

We believe that by making this information available to you and promoting evidence-based decision making, we are contributing to a fairer and more sustainable society.

It’s also a handy resource for business, students, community groups and residents.

Local statistical information

We provide access to local demographic information through an interactive website called ID Profile. This information uses the latest Census data and other relevant data sources.

  • Community Profile - a comprehensive socio-demographic profile of Banyule.
  • Economic Profile - a detailed economic profile of Banyule.
  • Atlas - Small Area Mapping. A picture speaks more than 1000 words - and maps are the most compelling way of presenting Census data. This provides a powerful suite of thematic maps, showing the distribution of target populations.
  • Forecasting - Council uses this data to understand when and where to allocate resources and invest in infrastructure as the population changes.
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics - the latest census data.

Area profiles and other resources

We also prepare a range of area profiles using Census and other data sources that provide a snapshot of Banyule’s demographic characteristics. They are part of a suite of profiles produced to;

  • help understand the communities within the municipality
  • assist in planning services and facilities to better meet needs
  • provide consistent evidence-based data
  • anticipate future population changes.

Map of Banyule suburbs and precincts

Map of Banyule's suburbs and the seven precinicts


If you have any comments or suggestions about the profiles or if you would like further information, please contact Community and Social Planning on (03) 9490 4222.

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