Reporting graffiti

Graffiti is located and removed in teams of 12 people. Currently, due to COVID-19, this service is temporarily postponed.

We cannot remove graffiti on private property or non-Council property (unless offensive and owner cannot remove in a timely manner).

On Council property

We need to remove graffiti from our property as soon as possible.

If you see graffiti on our assets, please report it online or by calling Customer Service on 9490 4222.

What we can remove graffiti from

  • Council signage
  • Bus shelters
  • Park and street furniture
  • Public toilets
  • Sporting pavilions
  • Council buildings
  • Council roads and footpaths

What we cannot remove graffiti from

  • Private fencing and property
  • Railway bridges
  • VicRoads property

On your property

Remove graffiti as soon as possible: it is easier to remove when new, and discourages vandals attacking again.

Removal kit

Due to the current physical distancing rules relating to the COVID-19 Pandemic we are not able to distribute graffiti removal kits to residents and traders.

For more information, or to request a graffiti removal kit, contact us on 9490 4222.

Minimising the likelihood

There are many ways you can minimise the likelihood that your property will be graffitied.

When planning your home or landscaping, try to avoid building large blank walls or fences, as they attract the most graffiti. You can also:

  • cover walls and fences in plant fast growing vines or bushes, spiky plants such as bougainvillea
  • install sensor lighting
  • use darker colours rather than light
  • avoid smooth, even surfaces
  • where possible, use tinted anti-graffiti coating.

Notifying Victoria Police

Graffiti is illegal, and it is important to report it to police with as much detail as you can.

Keep a record of any damage and cleaning expenses: you may be able to claim them on your insurance.

Removal strategy

We have a range of approaches for addressing graffiti.

Read our Graffiti Strategy 2020-2024

Street art murals

Commissioning street art murals is one of the strategies we use to manage graffiti hot spots, and to improve community safety.

We identify suitable mural sites and work with youth, street art facilitators and property owners to develop designs and engaging artworks.

How to be considered for a mural

Private residential property and property located outside of Banyule is not eligible for consideration for a community street art mural.

Due to third party restrictions, public transport and property that is the responsibility of another asset or public utility cannot be considered.

Street art mural the expression of interest

Contact us

For more information, please contact our Youth & Community Partnerships team on 9490 4222.

Report graffiti to us