Environment, health and pests

Our environmental health officers investigate cases of air, noise and water pollution and provide advice on pest control.

Testing water quality: public pools and spas

Our Health Services Unit routinely inspects public pools and spas. If you have concerns about the water quality at a public pool or spa, contact us on 9457 9965.

Controlling pests

The best way to tackle unwelcome pests in your home is to identify them. Then it is relatively easy to find out how to deal with them safely and effectively.

For help identifying insects, go to Museum Victoria: learn about bugs and pests.

If you use pesticides, learn how to use these chemicals safely.

If your pest problem is too large for you to manage, you should hire a professional pest controller. The Victorian Government's Department of Health licenses individuals who operate or are employed by a pest control business and apply pesticides to control insects and pest animals.

For more information, go to Better Health channel: Pest control in the home.

Contact us

If you want to find out more about pest control, or water quality in pools and grey water systems, contact our Health Services Unit on 9490 4222.