Burning off

You want to use incinerators or burn off in the open air you must obtain a permit.

You will only granted a permit to burn if there are no other means to dispose the materials. Permits to burn are unlikely to be granted if your property is less than 2500 square metres.

Applying for a permit

You will be asked to nominate a burn date and detail the type of materials to be burnt.

You cannot begin your burn off until you have received your permit, and complied with the conditions of the permit, which includes notifying ESTA with details of your burn off at ESTA: Register your burn-off or by phoning 1800 668 511.

Application for Permit to Burn(PDF, 152KB)

Fee per burn off event: $157.50

Disposing of household waste

We discourage burning household waste in incinerators. Unwanted materials should be composted, mulched, recycled or placed in garbage bins. Find out more about our waste collection services

This permit is required by General Local Law No. 1 (2015).

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