LGBTIQ+ plan

Council’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTIQ+) Plan outlines our commitment to and appreciation of Banyule’s LGBTIQ+ communities.

The Plan outlines how we work in partnership to support LGBTIQ+ communities. It acknowledges that the LGBTIQ+ community can face higher levels of discrimination and exclusion than other members of the community, and that Banyule Council plays a role in promoting the value of diversity and ensuring its services and facilities are inclusive.

Read the LGBTIQ+ plan 2017-2021

Data collection on sexuality, sex and gender expression has been historically non-existent in Australia. Organisations such as the Bureau of Statistics, via the Census, do not ask explicit questions about these aspects of human identity. However we know via academic research and anecdotal evidence that the LGBTIQ+ community make up a significant portion of our population. According to the Australian Human Rights Commission, up to 11% of Australians may have a diverse sexual orientation, sex or gender identity.

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