Home energy audit

Get professional energy efficiency and consumption advice for free, as part of our home energy audit program.

The home energy audits we provide consider multiple aspects to your home from heating and cooling to window furnishings and other fixed features. As part of an audit we'll give you personalised guidance on how to introduce money-saving habits by being smart with your energy and practical energy efficiency upgrade recommendations for your house.

We're making home energy audits free to support Banyule residents in their effort to reduce energy use, while maintaining home comfort levels.


Step 1.Permissions

Complete the Energy Audit Permission Agreement for renters(PDF, 2MB) or home owners(PDF, 2MB). This document can be attached to the online form, or emailed to us after your submission.

Step 2.Apply

Funding has been fully allocated for the financial year 2020-2021. The next funding round will open shortly after 30 June 2021.

Step 3.Confirmation

We'll confirm if we can audit your house energy consumption.

A date and time will also be set for the audit. If this is not suitable, let us know so we can accommodate around your availability.

Step 4.Inspection

Our energy auditor will visit you at home and carry out an inspection.

The inspection can take approximately 2 hours though can vary based on the size of your house.

Step 5.Results

You will receive a completed scorecard identifying the energy and thermal performance of your home in a star rating. It also give you specific details across the different aspects of your house considered as part of the inspection including heating, cooling and hot water.

An accredited assessor will also talk you through a range of suggested changes to make to your home. These suggested changes will form part of a personalised action plan and potentially reduce your bills, improve its energy efficiency and make it more comfortable.

Step 6.What's next

You take on the improvement advice from the audit certificate and apply for a variation assessment to see the star rating improvements. Our Community Energy Officer is also available to discuss household energy billing issues and other government initiatives on offer to help implement some energy efficiency upgrades.