Energy concessions

Government energy concessions

Residents with a concession card issued by the Victoria Department of Health and Human Services can lower their household energy cost. Check for concessions status on your bill every 12 months, and make sure that your name on utility accounts matches your concession card exactly. Keep your energy retailer updated with any changes.


These cards can be used to get discounted energy retailer rates:

  • Centerlink Pensioner Concession
  • Veterans' Affairs Pensioner Concession
  • Centerlink Health Care Card
  • Veterans' Affairs Gold Card for All
  • Veterans' Affairs Gold Card for War Widow
  • Veterans' Affairs Gold Card TPI
  • Veterans' Affairs Gold Card POW & EDA

Concessions available

Type of energy Concession amount
Annual electricity concession Receive a 17.5% reduction in rates.
Controlled load electricity Receive a 13% reduction in rates.
Electricity transfer waiver Get electricity connected for free when you move.
Excess electricity and gas Receive an extra 17.5% discount on usage if above a set threshold.
Life support systems Receive support for running equipment, e.g. dialysis machine, oxygen concentrator, and water for haemodialysis.
Medical cooling Receive an extra 17.5% discount on summer bill where medical reasons warrant.
Non-mains energy You are entitled to a partial refund on costs if you rely on bottled gas or firewood for heating.
Service to property charge If energy use on your bill is lower than the service charge, then the service charge is reduced to energy used.
Winter gas concession Receive a 17.5% discount from May-October.
Non-mains water Rebates are offered to offset the purchase of water for domestic use.
Water and sewerage Receive a 50% deduction on charges up to annual maximum (set per year).
Non-mains Utility Relief Grant Scheme
(contact Department of Healthy and Human Services)
Provides help to pay non-mains, overdue energy or water bill due to temporary hardship.
Utility Relief Grant Scheme
(contact Department of Healthy and Human Services)
Provides up to $1300 of unpaid energy bills every 2 years.

Making that call

Energy retailers are required to talk to you about concession rates. Do not hesitate to call them.

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