Citizenship ceremonies

We host citizenship ceremonies for residents every 3 months.

Citizenship: how it works

If you want to become an Australian citizen, you need to apply to the Department of Home Affairs Immigration and Citizenship and take a test. The department assesses your application and, if it is approved, they will send you a letter to confirm that you will become an Australian citizen.

For more information on becoming an Australian citizen please call 131 880 or go to

Our role as host of citizenship ceremonies

We host ceremonies for the department, and are told who will attend each event.

If you have been approved to become a citizen, you will receive a second letter from the department that tells you the date of your ceremony.

We will write to you with details of the venue, the time you are required to attend and tell you how the ceremony works.

Changing the date of your ceremony

You must contact the department if you want to change that date. Please call 131 880 or go to