Organise a burial or memorial

If you are looking for the final resting place for a friend or family member, there are limited options in our 2 local operational cemeteries: Warringal Cemetery and Greensborough Cemetery.

Burial sites

Warringal Cemetery currently has no grave sites available for sale. Occasionally graves may become available. To find out, contact the Banyule Cemeteries Trust or a funeral director.

Burials in the Greensborough Cemetery are restricted to burials in graves that were bought before it closed in 1978. If you want to arrange a burial, you need to contact a funeral director. They will arrange to have the grave opened and ready for burial.

Cremated remains memorials or interment of cremated remains

You can purchase positions for cremated remains memorials at Warringal Cemetery. Interment of cremated remains can be arranged in private graves or in any of the cremated remains memorial positions currently available for sale.

The cremated remains memorial positions are available in:

  • a wall niche just inside the main gate off Upper Heidelberg Road
  • a garden bed and rotunda just inside the main gate off Upper Heidelberg Road
  • around the historic cedar trees off Powlett Street.

Please contact Trust staff to make an appointment to select a position.

Memorial Wall (without interment)

If you have buried a loved one overseas or scattered their cremated remains elsewhere, you might be looking to place a plaque somewhere to commemorate them. At Warringal Cemetery, families can purchase a position on the memorial wall and then place a small bronze plaque with an inscription of their choice.

Arranging plaques and headstones

The Banyule Cemeteries Trust offers plaque services. Some families prefer to source these services elsewhere. If you plan to organise a plaque from another supplier, the plaque must meet our specifications. Ask us for that information.

Headstone and monument services are available from stonemasons. Stonemasons must apply and pay a fee before carrying out any work within the cemetery grounds.

Application to Establish or Alter a Memorial: see the Cemeteries and Crematoria Association of Victoria (CCAV).

Costs for cemetery services: graves, cremated remains positions, interments, plaques and stonemasons

Price list for Warringal Cemetery(PDF, 56KB).

Price list for Greensborough Cemetery(PDF, 79KB).

Contact us

For enquiries, or to make an appointment to look at available positions, contact Trust staff on 9490 4222.