Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Plan

Council’s Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Plan outlines our commitment to Banyule’s past and current Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander community.

It focuses attention on strategies to address the barriers faced by Banyule’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and seeks to create more opportunities for participation and involvement.

The implementation and review of the plan is overseen by BATSIAC: the Banyule Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee.

The plan was formally adopted by Council on 4 June 2018.

Read the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Plan 2017-2021

Reconciliation Action Plan

Developments are underway to draft a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), in consultation with Banyule Aboriginal community members and other relevant stakeholders.

The RAP will include key organisational goals and objectives applicable to Banyule’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Plan 2017-2021 and RAP outcomes will be measured and evaluated in consultation with Banyule’s Aboriginal community partners.

An inclusive, accessible and equitable community

The Plan has used Banyule’s Inclusion, Access and Equity Framework (IAEF), which identifies 5 goals for our diverse communities:

  1. ensure Council facilities, activities and services are accessible, inclusive and equitable;
  2. work in partnership with local services to increase inclusion and address services gaps;
  3. work in partnership to build the capacity of disadvantaged groups to be involved community life;
  4. education, celebration and awareness raising contributing to building inclusive and equitable communities; and
  5. advocate on behalf on and with our community to reduce discrimination and disadvantage.